Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wisdom 7:7-11, Hebrews 4:12-13, Psalm 90:12-17, Mark 10:17-30


Beloved, all we need to do is ask sincerely and You will give us all the good and holy gifts we need  to enable us grow and mature spiritually.  When we ask the Holy Spirit for the gifts of wisdom and understanding, He Himself will descend upon us.

If only we took Your word seriously and we believed what these verses tell us, we would possess the peace and joy that surpasses all earthly possessions.

My Beloved, nothing can be kept secret from You.  You penetrate where You will.  You can slice through the hardest and most indifferent heart that is why we must be persistent in prayer for those who have turned away from You.  In the end, You will hear and answer and sinners will be saved.  This is Your promise.  It is hard for us not to be judgmental, impatient, annoyed even angry because we do not see the whole person, the whole picture.  But You do and we can trust You to bring about the conversion that we have so long and ardently been praying for. This is in accordance with Your will which will be fulfilled in Your perfect time.

My Beloved, if we understood that time here will one day end, we would keep our eye and mind trained on the goal of our existence.  Every morning I am privileged to sit at Your side in personal prayer, You then invite me into Your Holy Presence in the Adoration Chapel and there I kneel before You and we continue our conversation. Next I  join  my brothers and sisters and together we worship You in Holy Mass. At the Holy Eucharist You come to me hidden in bread and You fill me from dawn to dusk  with joy, gladness and praise.  Even at night as I lie in bed and before my eyes close in sleep, Your Name rises from my heart like fragrant incense.  Asleep too my entire being continues to speak Your Holy Name as my spirit prays within me.

My past has experienced its share of sorrow Lord but I am glad for it because my present has been positively shaped by it and so will my future.  

Grant O Lord, that all the work Your servants undertake for Your glory bear fruit and may Your awesome power be seen by everyone as You work in us and in Your Church.

May all we do be done in love, may we be faithful always and may our work bear lasting fruit for Your glory alone.

My Beloved, sometimes it may seem to us that we could miss our opportunity and so we make haste hoping to catch You before You leave.  We will always catch up with You because You know we are on our way and You will wait.  Never will it be that we will look for You and find You gone.  On finding You we must fall on our knees before You and beg You to reveal Your will for our lives.  We ought never to be satisfied doing just the minimum.  In imitation of You we too ought to be generous in our response to Your love.  Only a love that is made visible in service to our neighbour is pleasing and acceptable to You.

It is not enough for us to just follow the commandments - love must take us beyond to a place where we become capable of emptying ourselves completely clinging to nothing but You alone and following anywhere You desire to lead us.  THIS IS HEAVEN.

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