Saturday, October 13, 2012

Galatians 3:22-29, Psalm 105:2-9, Luke 11:27-28


Faith in You my Beloved releases us from the strangle hold of sin.  You won the victory over sin and death and in You we are victorious.  All we need do is believe in what God the Father has accomplished through You in the power of the Holy Spirit.  We are justified before God by the Blood of the Lamb.  Baptized into Your Body we are now the children of God, we are Your brothers and sisters and we are espoused to You as member of Your Church.

In Jesus Christ we are all equal, we have an equal share in the inheritance You have won for us.  Every promise God ever made beginning with Abraham is realized in You. Having every promise is fulfilled.  In You we possess the fullness of God.

Beloved, God remembers the Covenant He swore to Abraham, He renewed that Covenant of Love with us in You this is why we sing, praise and rejoice for God has done marvelous things for us.  Thank You for making Yourself present to us in the Adoration chapels where we can spend time gazing at Yu and we can be strengthened.  Our faith grows and our hope in You increases when we look back and see how marvelously You have drawn us from darkness to light though every situation we faced with You.  Thank You for being ever faithful to Your promises.

It is a common experience when we see or hear about good people, worthy of praise and emulation who stir up our admiration for the qualities they possess or their talents, we believe that the parents of such gifted progeny are privileged to be their father and mother.  So also this woman in the crowd who was so struck by awe when she heard You that she gushingly remarked, “Blessed is the womb that bore you and the breasts that nursed you.”   You promptly responded, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”  You had no hesitation in setting her straight in her thinking.  While there are many unfortunates who believe that You were putting down Your mother, You not only rendered her high praise it is also a ringing call to us to follow her example.

Who better than Mary heard the Word of God, received the Word in her womb, nourished that Word in her body with her own, fed the Word at Her breasts when He was born, kept every word that the Word uttered in her heart and meditated on it all her life, keeping kept it faithfully in joy and sorrow?

The journey took her to the foot of the Cross.  She participated spiritually in the Passion of the Word.  She lived for the Word and she died in the Word when the Word gave up His Spirit to His Father.  She is truly the most blessed among the blessed for no human creature is blessed more than her. She is Queen of heaven and earth, Queen of the Universe, Queen who rules with motherly love in every heart of those children who joyfully acknowledge her as mama and have taken her home with them.  She will return the favor and accompany us home to heaven to the place God has prepared for His own in eternity.

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