Monday, October 15, 2012

Galatians 4:22-24, 26-27, 31---5:1, Psalm 113:1-7, Luke 11:29-32


Jesus is not ashamed to show us how passionately He loves us so why are we?  
God created me in love, for love and to love.

Galatians 4:22-24, 26-27, 31---5:1, Psalm 113:1-7, Luke 11:29-32

 Galatians 4:22-24, 26-27, 31---5:1

My Beloved, truer words were never spoken.  The children of Hagar have slavery for their lot.  Slavery to the demands of the flesh and everything  associated with it,  Their laws which must be meticulously followed make them prisoners.  Their intellects are stunted by their beliefs and so they are unable to soar on the wings of Truth, Beauty, Reason and Love.

The children of Sara on the other hand are children who are born of a promise made by God.  Where no life was possible life sprang.  Every promise made to Abraham with regard to the child of promise has been fulfilled.  Her children are born in the freedom of the sons and daughters of God.  These children have God for their Father and You His Son for a Brother.  Your Holy Spirit who is the Bond of love between the Father and You and He draws us into the divine life of the Trinity.  In perfect freedom we lay down our will and our life in order to receive Your will and Your life.  In our free and total surrender we become what God created us to be, children of the Kingdom.  We are free to love, to serve, to worship, to rise to the highest heavens on the wings of prayer.  We have boundless faith and hope and love makes all things possible to us because we believe the Good news that God so loved the world that He sent us His only Son so that we may become sons and daughter, so we may not be condemned to the tyranny of the flesh and the world.  Being in the world we are not of it.

Psalm 113:1-7

Beloved, the Good News that You have given us has been heard around the globe and men and women of every tribe, race, nation and color worship You and offer You praise.  From one end of the earth where the sun rises to the other where the sun sets, the whole world offers praise to You always and everywhere.  You are enthroned in heaven and You are enthroned in human hearts.  You yearn and stoop toward us in love with such amazing humility it just blows us away.  We rejoice that You deign to love us as You do and we receive Your love with grateful hearts.  Men and women whether rich or poor all taste of the same goodness and mercy and all are satisfied.  In You all are equal and all are free.

Luke 11:29-32

My Beloved, the people of Israel were chosen by God and through this chosen race You came into the world but many turned away from You.  Crowds came to hear You preach and teach as You walked from town to town and village to village bringing the Good News.  

Your miracles were signs that You were indeed who You said You were, they were Your credentials and pointed to a greater reality. Though their curiosity was aroused and they were struck by the power of Your preaching, teaching and healing, it was just for a while.  Every good resolution vanished like mist in the morning sun once they returned home and picked up the threads of their daily lives they continued to fall into the old patterns of sin.  They received many signs but none were enough they always wanted more.  You told them plainly that before them was One greater than both Solomon and Jonah but they refused to believe.  If they did they would have to repent, there would have to be true conversion of heart, they would have to let go of the comfort of the familiar and walk with You into the exciting territory of the unknown in faith, hope and love.

The same is true of us today.   The life You offer us is challenging.  We are called to follow the way of the Cross which is the way of life and we are afraid of what the challenge may cost us.  We are afraid to put out into the deep and push away from the shore and enter into unfamiliar territory.  We want to cling to the past and to the familiar and in doing so we miss the opportunity of placing our hand in Yours and permitting You to lead us into the freedom, the power and the joy of truly living the Gospel; believing it and spreading it so all may believe and believing may live in the freedom of the children of God.

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