Thursday, October 18, 2012

2 Timothy 4:10-17, Psalm145:10-13, 17-18, Luke 10:1-9



If you want to know all about Jesus, go to His Mama.  St Luke did.  Only in the Gospel of Luke will you find the infancy narratives.  Who do you think told him?  He went to Mary.

My Beloved both the evangelists St. Luke (whose feast the Church celebrates today) and St. Mark were companions and fellow workers with St. Paul.  When we work for You we do not labor alone.  We work as a body, as a communion of believers, in this way we all our talents are t the disposal of all and used for the benefit of all.  St. Luke alone give us Your infancy narratives, these could only have been revealed to him from the lips of Your Mama because there are details mentioned that only a mom would know.  Mark was also privileged to work with both St. Paul and St. Peter yet no all Your disciples persevere to the end.  Temptations can come at any time as we see in the case of Demas who got sucked in by the distractions of the world and left St. Paul to go to Thessalonica.  We need to help one another, to support each other, to carry each other if need be when the going gets too difficult sometimes we need assistance.  We need the fellowship and friendship to help combat the weariness, temptations, the loneliness that could attack us and discourage us.

Persecutions will come if we are serious about our discipleship but even if we do find ourselves  friendless and alone You will always be beside us.  We can count on You to provide all the help and strength we need to proclaim the Good news because this is the mission You entrusted to us that all who having heard may believe.

This is our mission – to praise You, offer thanksgiving to You for all that You are and all that You do.  To speak, teach and preach about You and Your Kingdom and Your glory. To be authentic witnesses all the time and everywhere.  To speak about Your abiding Presence here on earth from the moment of creation and through the course of time and history.  To tell of Your saving work of redemption and Your never ending mercy and compassion for sinners.  To tell everyone that You are a God of love and all who call on You will never call in vain.

It is very important that we do no labor alone.  We need a companion/s for the journey.  Alone we could become prey to temptation, we could become proud, we could get frustrated and lonely.  We need someone with whom we can share our triumphs and our victories, someone to pray with us, to witness to the worked we do in Your Name, for protection against evil that lurks waiting to snare and take advantage of a moment of weakness.  It is a wise thing to work with a friend or friends.  St. Luke was a friend and companion to St. Paul. 

Our work as missionaries is to go ahead of You and prepare the way for Your coming.  You are the one who must be received and given permanent residence in the hearts and homes of the people who are evangelized.

In this year of faith raise up new apostles, disciples and martyrs ready to do whatever is required to spread the Good news that God became man to seek, save, redeem, sanctify and restore us as heirs to the Kingdom of God.    All we need is You.  Trusting You all things will be possible.  We must come in peace, Your peace, Your mercy, Your love, Your understanding.  We are called to build up Your Body, strengthen its members who need healing or simply need someone to tell them that God loves them.  Many are ready to believe that You love them unconditionally they are afraid that if they do they will have to have a conversion of heart  - for the nature of love is that it evokes a response.  With love comes responsibility.  People would rather live mediocre lives than be challenged to live the Gospel and enjoy its fruits.  They are afraid to be saints.

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