Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Galatians 5:18-25, Psalm 1:1-4 & 6, Luke 11:42-46


36 In serving the idols of the pagans, they were trapped 37 into sacrificing children to demons, 38 shedding the innocent blood of their sons and daughters to the idols of Canaan, polluting the country with blood. 39 They defiled themselves by what they did, playing the harlot in their worship.
My Beloved, can it get any clearer than this how despicable abortion is and that it is the tool of Satan?  Can the idolatry of self bring fulfillment, joy and peace?  Is it any wonder my Lord that whole nations, in fact the whole world is stained deep red with the blood of innocent babies, ripped out from the wombs of their mothers, a place that is supposed to be the safest of safe havens for these littlest ones, our brothers and sisters. This unending sacrifice at the altar of self goes on and on every day ad infinitum ad nauseam and  Satan and his minions are having a field day in a world that has been saved, redeemed and sanctified by You.  We ought not to be taken by surprise when You decide to sweep one third or more of the abomination we have become into the blazing pit where the fire never goes out.

My Beloved, only a life led by the Spirit can bring freedom, joy and peace.  It was imperative for You to go in order to make possible for Your brothers and sisters to live in the fullness of joy.  The Spirit of God reveals to us the nature of God, he speaks to our spirit.  He has the power to transform us into Your image.  He enables us not only not only to image You but to reflect You.  The power of the Spirit of God makes it possible for us to establish God’s Kingdom on earth.  Without the Spirit of God verses19-21 becomes a reality and this is visible in our world and our lives today.  But with the Spirit we receive all that is pleasing to both God and man Verses 23-25.

Grant the world and especially Your spouse the Church, the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in order that we may return home to You.

My Beloved, the world can do its best to forget You and pretend You do not exist.  They live as if they were the masters of their lives and fates.  They use their intellect and knowledge to create hell on earth and they believe they have succeeded because You are silent and they think You do not exist or worse still You do not care.  But the time is coming and indeed it is already here when we will have to give a strict account of our stewardship.

My Beloved we are so passionate about saving the world, going green, saving the trees, the polar bears, the baby seals.  We are prepared to give large sums of money and spend a great deal of time and resources to causes that seemingly promote good and pander and stroke the ego as we flatter ourselves that we are a force for good in the world.  You don’t mince words with us Lord, every woe and every curse we draw upon ourselves.  We are so thin skinned and so sensitive when the Voice of Truth in the Church condemns our actions and we berate them as old fashioned and out of touch with the world and we throw the sins of a few of her anointed ones (who have sinned greatly) at her face declaring her unfit to raise her voice.  But she is unafraid – the Church is the home of sinners but this does not make her soiled.  She is in need of purification and no one denies that she has had need for it from the moment she was born.  But You as her head and her Bridegroom make her worthy.  Your Holy Spirit grants her wisdom.  You guide and protect her from teaching error in matters of faith and morals.  We would do well to pay attention to her.

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