Friday, October 19, 2012

Ephesians 1:11-14, Psalm 33:1-5, 12-13, Luke 12:1-7


My Beloved, Your people, the people chosen by God the Jews with whom God made a covenant that he would make of them a great nation and from them would come the Messiah, the Savior, the Ruler of the World.
But we have heard the Good news, the Truth that God so loved the world that He sent You into the world not to condemn it but to redeem it.  We believed the Good News and in believing we are set loose from the bond of death.  

We have received the first received the first portion of our inheritance, Your own Holy Spirit who has been poured into our hearts so a life of grace is possible.  We are temples of God's own Holy Spirit and He leads us into freedom from slavery to sin to a life that will praise and glorify God for all he has accomplished through You and in the power of His Holy Spirit.

My Beloved, we who believe are the just, we rejoice because of all You have done for us we are free to be and do.  You are the Eternal Word and the Eternal Truth of the Father,  We believed and this belief is made possible because our hope and trust in You will never be shaken.  God's Word, His Living Eternal Word is Eternal Truth and we believe and believing we are saved. God manifests Himself to us in all that is good, true, pure, just and beautiful in the word.

We are the people You have chosen as Your own and You watch over us tenderly because You are our Father.
Luke 12:1-7

My Beloved, here we are told that there was such a large crowd that people were crushing each other.  All had come to hear You teach, preach, to be healed or to witness healings - they came to see and to hear but how many were actually touched and transformed by their encounter with You.

Hypocrisy is saying something but doing exactly the opposite.  "These people honor me with their mouths but their hears are far away from is."  Is your lament even today.  You warn us that God is not fooled by our lies and our chicanery.  Nothing is hidden from His sight and all will be revealed, the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the disgusting and the uplifting, the things done in the dark and whispered in hiding will be make known to all.  let us not be cowardly and fearful afraid of men who like ourselves are mortal.  you remind us that death will come to all.  The flesh must die bur rather we must store up for ourselves riches in heaven and fear only Him who has the power to decide our eternal destiny.

Thank You for the most wonderfully tender verses with which today's Gospel reading closes. You remind us of the Father's watchful care over His children more precious to Him than many sparrows whom he also knows and is aware of when one falls to the ground. If our Father is aware of the number of hairs on my head that In need never be afraid that he will ever forget me. The power of His Eternal Word sustains me and the love and joy of His Holy Spirit fills me with perfect peace.

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