Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Job 9:1-12, 14-16, Psalm 88:10-15, Luke 9:57-62



My Beloved, who can stand before You and justify all his words and actions.  Even if we have done what is good , right and pleasing to You we have done nothing out of the ordinary.  We cannot be commended for living according to the laws of love because this is the purpose for which we are created. 

The earth is only a speck of dust before You, our God, and all power belongs to You.  You can whatever pleases You and none can question why?  We may, but You need not answer.  All power belongs to You and all creation responds to Your command.  All things exist because You hold all things by Your Word.  Your authority holds all things in place.  No creature can contend with You but our joy and our purpose for being is realized when we yield to Your will and thank You for loving You poor unworthy creatures as mightily and tenderly as You do

My Beloved, there have been periods in my life when grief was all I knew.  I lived it, I slept with it, I woke up with it, I struggled with it every day and I cried out to You and complained to You and I even wrestled with You in anger at the grievous loss I was asked to bear at different times in my life.  Always all I met with was Your silence.  Morning after morning, day after day and in the nights my tears would flow and I looked at You and I read Your Word looking for consolation and comfort.  The greater the grief the closer have I clung to You always, to me that was the only way that I could deal with it even though all I experienced was silence.  In silence You healed me and comforted me.  In time You helped me overcome my grief and You strengthened me.  In Your perfect silence I found all my answers.  In silence I found You my Perfect Answer.

“FOLLOW ME!”  “I will follow You.”

My Beloved, this is Your invitation and this must be my response.

When I say I will follow You without having first heard Your call, chances are that my desire to follow You is based solely on emotion.  I am not ready.  I have not given much thought nor have I reflected deeply enough on the reasons why I want to follow You.  I have not taken the time to sit with You in silence nor have I considered the consequences that following You involves.  I have not waited on You in prayer and supplication to discern Your will for me.

I must wait for You to call me.  I must be alert and attentive to Your voice and when I hear it my immediate response must be, “Yes, Lord I will follow You.”  Just like the apostles who responded to Your invitation to follow You in a heartbeat so must be my own response to Your call.  I must make a total commitment, never looking back like Lot’s wife, never hankering for the tinsel and the baubles I gave up in order to follow You.  No hesitation, no prevarication.  I must walk with You through the way of the Cross and right up to Golgotha and be prepared to be nailed and crucified with You if that is what You ask of me.  Only then can I hope for my own resurrection and glorious union with You eternally.

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