Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Exodus 23:20-23, Psalm 91:1-6, 10-11, Matthew 18:1-5, 10


My Lord and my God, thank You for the gift of my Guardian Angel who has been appointed as my special and personal protector and friend from the moment of my conception.  Only in heaven will I know fully how often my Guardian Angel kept me from stumbling and falling headlong into danger and the traps that evil had set out to ensnare me.  It is You my God who has commanded him to watch over me.  He is before You and with me simultaneously so I am safe as he makes continual intercession on my behalf before You.

Thank you dear Guardian Angel for watching over me for being my special angel, friend protector and intercessor before God.  When I come home to heaven together we will praise God mightily for bringing me home safely with your help. 

Thank You Father making every provision to assist me to make my way home to heaven. Your mighty hand overshadows me every step of the way.

My Guardian Angel dwells with You O Most High, he rests in Your shadow and when I seek Your mighty protection, You command him to watch over me and cover me in his sheltering wings so no harm can come to me.  He preserves me from fear, terror, temptation and pestilence that stalks the world.  No harm or disaster will dare to strike me or even draw near my home for You my God have given Your holy angel charge over me to guard, guide and protect me so I will be preserved from all danger always.  Thank You Lord.  Thank you my dear Guardian Angel.  Happy Feast!

My Beloved, not only does God love children and those who are childlike, He does not take kindly to those who scandalize His little ones and rob them of their innocence.  We ought to tremble with fear as we watch the popular media and government worldwide become the self appointed guardians of immorality. 

In these verses You give us a glimpse of the role our angels play in watching over us.  These spiritual beings are constantly before Your Father pleading before God on behalf  of the little ones of the world.  Grant that we too do our part in preserving , protecting and praying for the helpless and the voiceless children of the world whose innocence is stripped away and who are preyed upon by evil.

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