Monday, October 1, 2012

2 Corinthians 10:17-11:2, Psalm 131:1-3, Matthew 18:1-5


2 Corinthians 10:17-11:2, Psalm 131:1-3, Matthew 18:1-5

2 Corinthians 10:17-11:2

My Beloved, I acknowledge that without You I am nothing but with You the possibilities are endless.  I can do all things in You and through You for You are my strength.  You feed me with the Bread of Life and You sustain me from moment t moment.  WHY?  Because YOU LOVE ME! You have a glorious plan for my life my Spouse, the beloved Bridegroom of my soul.  I am bound for heaven and for eternity. 

Psalm 131:1-3

My Beloved, I thank You and praise You for St. Therese.  Little Therese whom You infused with grace.  She taught us how we can please You just by loving You and allowing that love to prompt all her actions, her words, her thoughts and her prayers.

This psalm sums up her life here on earth perfectly and I implore You to grant that it may sum up my life as well because I too may Your little nothing totally dependent on Your love, Your strength, Your support and Your guidance to move, inspire and lead me.

Matthew 18:1-5

My Beloved, today You remind us that we must recognize what pleases You.  We must know that we exist because God in His goodness created us for eternal happiness and that the only way to get there is through humility and obedience to Your will.  To willingly become the least is not a lifestyle that is touted by the world.  Everyone is jostling to be first, to have the most, to have the best.  They are prepared to lie, cheat, brawl, fight and do anything to be ahead and get ahead.  That is not the way God recommends. In order to inherit the Kingdom we must first become like little children it is the only way that is acceptable to God.  We are called not only to be childlike in our attitude but we are also called to be the guardians of His little ones.  We must ensure to guard and  preserve their innocence and not strip them of their childhood while they are still only children as the world seems hell bent on doing.  Open the eyes of the world Lord that we may see how offensive we are becoming to both God and to man.

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