Thursday, October 4, 2012

Job 19:21-27, Psalm 27:7-9, 13-14, Luke 10:1-12


My Beloved, all the saints love You passionately, each offered You a love that was uniquely their own.  The Love that invites our response to love is God Himself.  If He did not first love and reveal Himself to us as love when He sent You into the world to manifest that love, we would never have had the capacity to rise from the human to the divine.  Of all the unique ways in which all the saints have loved You and made an offering of their lives to You, none to me is as attractive and worthy of emulating as the love of St. Francis of Assisi.  He was so unabashedly in love with You, so glorious in love, so madly, crazily and wholly in love, so totally forgetful of himself and so much a man for others that he takes my breath away. 

My Beloved, I know that You desire my love which is unique too and unlike any other love You will receive because the love I offer You is my own and yet Lord if You could grant me the grace to love You with the same abandon of St. Francis, nothing would please me more.  To empty myself, to forget myself, to consider nothing too much, too difficult, too hard to sever and give up for You the Beloved, to love with such ecstasy that one’s body, soul and spirit is consumed by it!  If only Your poor little nothing could love You like that.  You Yourself have said, “For God nothing is impossible”  so perhaps I can learn to love You like that  if You teach me and St. Francis will intercede with You for me.

My Beloved, I have life here on earth united with You and I have an eternity in heaven to be sublimely united with You.  What more could I desire!  NOTHING!

My Beloved Jesus, You have called me, equipped me and sent me to labor in Your vineyard.  You have grafted me on to Your Body and You have united me to Yourself, the Father and the Church through Your powerful and glorious Holy Spirit.  I am not alone.  You are with me and I know that I can do all thing in You because You strengthen me at every Eucharist.  Your Word empowers me and all that I am required to do is step out in faith and do the task assigned to me.  Stay with me Lord as I labor and work in the field that You have allotted to me.  May everything I do be done for Your glory alone my Lord all for Your glory alone.

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