Sunday, October 21, 2012

Isaiah 53:10-11, Hebrews 4:14-16, Psalm 33:4-5, 18-20, 22, Mark 10:35-45


My Beloved Jesus, it was the will of God, Your Father that You be crushed under the weight of our sins.  Like grapes crushed in the winepress so You too allowed Yourself to bear the punishment that was ours.  You are God, the Son of God and by yielding in perfect submission to the will of the Father You defeated death and Satan and we have hope.  To do the will of God is the greatest thing we can ever do.  This is the purpose for which we were created, to find perfect joy in complete self-surrender.  Because You did the will of the Father and suffered the unimaginable horror of Your passion, God has raised You up and has given You the Name that is above every other name so every knee on heaven and earth and under the earth will bow and proclaim to the glory of the Father that You indeed are Lord.

Thank You Lord for the multitudes who cannot be counted who will be saved because they believe in You and in all God has accomplished through You. You are the Good News.

My Beloved, God dwells in inapproachable light but You are the Way that makes it possible to walk into the very heart of God.  He looks at us bathed in Your Blood, He sees the price that He asked for our salvation and the all powerful, almighty God deliberately renders Himself helpless and powerless because You paid for our iniquity and shame.  Only the Sacrifice of Your life could save us from eternal death and damnation.  You wore for a while our flesh, You took on for a time our humanity and You understand our misery, our weakness, our temptations and our tendency to flirt with sin and play with fire.  We are all to easily lured to taste of the forbidden fruit but when we realize what we have done and  turn to You and beg for help You make haste to pardon and forgive. When we fail and we are sorry, You become the means through which we can begin again.

Thank You Lord that in a world where man cannot be trusted, You are a sure hope to whom we can turn to as confidently as a child turns to His mother and father.  Your Word is Truth and Life and if we obey it, we will be saved.  Thank You for Your loving gaze that is always upon us. Thank You for answering when we call.  Thank You that we never hope in You in vain.  Thank You for Your ever present help.  Thank You for holding us and sustaining us in Your love.

My Beloved these verses are completely foreign in the competitive world we live in today.  Children are being raised to believe that the world exists to serve them.  The world is a place to be exploited and one  uses every trick available to succeed and get to the top no matter who is destroyed and crushed along the way.  As we climb higher and higher up the tower of Babel to reach a make believe nirvana nothing satisfies and the craving does not stop.

There is a better way, there is a perfect way and You have shown it to us.  You have walked the way and You have given us a perfect example. You have walked the way and You invite us to follow You.  Living a life of grace is to live in contradiction with the world as the last two verses clearly tell us.  It is a contradiction that works because it is true.  Only in a life of total self-giving can we find true joy.

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