Friday, October 26, 2012

Ephesians 4:1-6, Psalm 24:1-6, Luke 12:54-59

"---- Mine, remember this your hand in Mine always."

My vocation is to be a witness to the Good News wherever You my Beloved send me.  All I need to carry out this misison is humility, obedience, kindness, patience and above all love.  The kind of love that serves, that accepts, that bears, that endures - the kind of love that best resembles Your love my Lord.

Unity is the work of the Spirit, division is the work of the devil.  We strive for unity among ourselves, we work to keep united and we look for common ground that can permit unity wherever possible without compromising the Truth.  As Catholics we must remember that we are one body, Your body and it is the Holy Spirit that gives us supernatural life and grace to be a light in a dark world.

All Christians profess faith in the one Lord, we are baptized in the one baptism and we worship the one God - Him whom we dare to call Father, Him whom we are privileged to call Brother and into whose Body we are grafted becoming truly a chosen race, a royal priesthood and a holy nation.  In the power of the one Holy Spirit we are all destined for heaven by the grace granted freely to those who choose to follow the way of the Cross which is the way of Christ.                                                                     

We belong to You. You help us to climb up to the highest heavens, to ascend to You in prayer and there You shelter us beneath Your wings.  A clean hands and a pure heart would not be possible were it  not for You who bathes us, cleanses us and restores us.  You transform us so we begin to hunger and thirst for holy things - for You.  At every Sacrament You flood us with blessings, we who approach Your table never leave it hungry.  Thank You for counting us as Your own. 

Beloved, grant us all the ability to read the signs of the time and the age in which we live.  We have the Church as our mother, teacher and guide for it is the Holy Spirit that loves, nurtures, teaches and guides through her.  We have no excuse for ignorance.  Now is the time to unite. Only in true unity can we face the enemy and win the victory that You have gained for us.  With You we can crush the devourer for You have already destroyed evil and death and all we need to do is to claim that victory in Your Name.

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