Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wisdom 2:12, 17-20, James 3:16---4:3, Psalm 54:3-6, 8, Mark 9:30-37


My Beloved, it has always been so and there is no better example than Yourself.  The good are like a pebble in the shoe of the sinner – a pebble that they wish to get rid of but cannot.  It bothers them and causes discomfort.  Their lives of integrity show up the sinner’s faults and sins and often the wicked are prepared to do them bodily harm as we have seen in the course of history.

My Beloved, if only the world took seriously the Word revealed in Scripture and most especially the New Testament.  St. James has detailed all the ills that plague our world perfectly.  He tells us the cause of our troubles and he gives us the remedy if only we would listen and obey!

The Helper the Holy Spirit will lead me to the Truth.

My Beloved, in a world where selfishness and self indulgence have reached heights seemingly unheard of in any age, in a world where children are viewed either as a hindrance to a life of hedonism or where they become mere accessories and a fashion statement, it would do us well to pause and reflect on what You teach us today.  We too ought to take time to come away with You.  To retreat with You and to listen to You as You teach and instruct us on the values of the Kingdom.  To become like children in their openness, their trust, their littleness, their innocence – for the Kingdom belongs to such as these.

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