Saturday, September 22, 2012

1 Corinthians 15:35-37, 42-49, Psalm 56:10c-14, Luke 8:4-15


M--- Mine, remember that I created you in love to love.  Don’t fail Me.

My Beloved, St. Paul did not mince words neither did he suffer fools gladly.  None could be more tender than he and yet when he needed to hit hard he had no qualms in doing so.  Too often we are too timid, too intimidated, too soft to what needs to be said in clear, succinct and in no uncertain terms.  Here is a truth taught by You, “What You sow cannot sprout unless it dies.”  Dying a physical death is certain but dying to self is far more difficult and You call us to die to ourselves daily.  One would rather live a self-indulgent life than mortify the natural instinct to pander to oneself.  If however we are prepared to sow our pride, , cold nature, narrow mindedness, selfishness, conceit and everything else that reeks of self and our constant pandering to the ego then what You raise up through grace will be quite unrecognizable from what was sown.  We will be a new creation with no resemblance whatsoever to what was buried and allowed to die. 

So it is with our physical bodies.  They must die, they must be buried in the earth, they must decay and turn to dust.  This happens in the natural order of things.  But what You will raise up to life is totally different from the old body that was subject to every kind of limitation and weakness, to old age and sickness.  What You will give us is glorified new, immortal bodies that will image and reflect You.  We have a wonderful ever after awaiting us thanks to You.

By Beloved, I belong to You and I am bound to You by a covenant of love.  You will never abandon me.

The truth is that Your right hand holds mine and keeps me from stumbling.  Your mighty protection encompasses me always and Your light is the beacon that lights my path.  Darkness will never hide the way of truth for Your Spirit abides in me and makes His home in my heart.

My Beloved, we all receive the good seed of Your Word but so often it falls on hard on hard, rocky ground.  The devil has us convinced that Your way is incompatible with the lifestyle and culture that marks this century and so we remain barren. 

There are some who are stirred by the beauty and majesty of Your Word and they are fired by with zeal to convert and come home.  They are full of fervor and good intentions but at the first real challenge that calls for giving up old habits that are an occasion for sin, they give up with very little fight and go back to their old ways.

But there are those who persevere.  They make the necessary changes that are required to live a good Christian life.  They learn to serve in love.  They overcome the initial hurdles and temptations and they form new habits and soon they will begin to experience the joy of living a life deeply rooted in You.  As they mature they are nourished by Your Spirit and they begin to bear fruit that will last eternally.

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