Monday, September 24, 2012

Proverbs 3:27-34, Psalm 15:2-5, Luke 8:16-18


Remember you belong to Me.  Do you know what belong means?  It means that all of you is Mine M--- Mine.

My Beloved, how easy it is to put off until tomorrow that which we can and must do today.  The excuses we make to ourselves are flimsy.  Why wait for a time when I am in a better mood instead of wiping the tears of one in sorrow today, spending time with one who is lonely today, listening to someone who is hurting today, grieving today, sorrowing today?  Tomorrow he may not need me now is the  time he does and I must not  fail to hear his cry for help today just as You have never failed to respond to my own cries for help time and time again. 

The Father, You and the Holy Spirit are moved by the heart that is aware that it is nothing except for the love and power of God that enables it to do all things in His power, might and strength.

Here are a list of virtues which when exercised please God.

Walk blamelessly
Do what is right
Speak the truth in sincerity
Be cautious when you speak and control your words
Do not harm or slander your neighbor or your neighbors’  friends
Have nothing to do with those who do evil.
Have great respect for those who are in the service of the Lord.
Stand by your promises.
Do not take interest on the money you lend.
Do not accept a bribe that would injure one who is innocent.
Do this and God will stand by you and sustain you and be your tower of strength always.

My Beloved, it will serve us well if we remember that every secret thought, word and deed will be uncovered and laid bare and this will be to our good or to our damnation.

I shine with the light of One whose Name is Light and this is the light that must help to shed the darkness.  It matters not if the light I cast is sufficient to see only one step ahead clearly – that is all that matters.  He will provide the light required to take the next.  God’s word in Scripture and His Teaching deposited in the treasury of the Church is the truth by which I must live.  I must listen to it attentively and I must obey and practice it in every area of my life with no exceptions.  I must use the gifts I have been given to labor effectively in His vineyard if I do this I will be fruitful, if I don’t I will lose even that which I have received and I will become barren.  I must keep in mind that God does not speak idly.

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