Friday, September 28, 2012

Ecclesiastes 3:1-22, Psalm 144:1-4, Luke 9:18-22

M… Mine, do not let your weaknesses discourage you many as they are.  They keep you humble and aware that without me and my help you can do nothing.  Let your faith in Me sustain you, let your hope in Me keep your faith alive and let your love for Me unite with my unending love for you to keep it from dying out.  Let my love for you fuel your love for Me.  Trust in My promises and dare to believe everything I have said for it is true.


Verse 11 He made everything fitting in its time, but he also set eternity in their hearts, although man is not able to embrace the work of God from the beginning to the end.

Lord God, my Beloved, You have housed eternity within our temporary bodies and that is the reason for our constant hunger and yearning.  There is that within us that is always hungry, always empty no matter how much it is filled with love for You and we strive to make that love visible in serving others, in whatever way You ask us and in accordance with our vocation and ability.  The hunger is eased for a while at every Eucharist when we encounter You, receive You and are one with You, but the hunger and the yearning return.  Only when we see You Face to face, when faith comes to an end, our hope is realized and love unites us for all eternity in heaven will we be completely satisfied.

There is a time and there is an order to which we must yield trustfully and with docility to Your Spirit.  Led by Him we must obey and act according to Your will always.  There is a time to do and a time to be still allowing You to do and be in us.  This is when we are refreshed, renewed and energized to pick up our cross again and do and be for Your glory.

Psalm 144:1-4

 I am deeply grateful my Beloved that You created me to know You, love You, serve You;  to long for and desire You and to appreciate all that Your love has made possible for me.  Your love has lifted me up and embraced me.  Your love has never let go of me even during the time of my rebellion, and my stubborn hard heart.  You kept Your gaze unwaveringly on me and Your arms around me.  You continued to be my Rock, my Fortress, my Protector and my Deliverer until the time I returned to my senses and began to comprehend that You my God love me despite the fact that I am unworthy. 

Beloved, help me and show me how to let Your love within me kindle a fire in the hearts of those I meet each day.  Together may we all burn with love for You and thus fulfill the purpose for which we were created.  Our destiny is Love and to remain in Love forever.

Luke 9:18-22

Love calls for death to self.  Love calls us to forget ourselves and to find its meaning and purpose in the Beloved.  Love calls us to deny ourselves those things that kill love and extinguish its flame.  That dampens its embers and dulls its glow.

You ask me today, “M--- Mine, who do you say I AM?” 
I recognize and know the answer from the question that You have framed -  I AM.

Yes Lord, I believe and believing I am saved.  Because You who are the I AM, the Alpha and Omega, God’s perfect sacrifice for me, I too am in You, through You and with You.  Continue to teach me, lead me, guide me, lift me and strengthen me in my journey to You and to the Kingdom.

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