Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1 Corinthians 12:12-14, 27-31a, Psalm 100:1b-5, Luke 7:11-17


The Lord had pity on her and said, “Don’t cry.”

My Beloved, we all belong to Your Body and each of us has a different function just like each member of our bodies.  The eyes see, the ears hear, the mouth speaks, feet walk, hands do, lungs breathe, hearts beat life,  blood flows, brains think and command.  There is a hierarchy, some members of the body have a more visible and more important function than the others.  When each works according to its purpose we live and move and are.  When each works and is in harmony with the whole we are healthy.  It is the same with Your Body the Church which has over a billion members each has a different and unique role to play.  Many of her members are sick and do not function as they should.  Many more refuse to recognize the truth that there is a hierarchy in the Church.  Only when every baptized Christian acts according to the purpose for which they were created will Your Kingdom become visible in the world as a beacon on a hilltop.

I rejoice and I acknowledge that You are Lord.  I will serve You my Beloved gladly because I love You.  You make me glad.  I will sing Your praises always.  Help me to know You with the knowledge that comes from the Holy Spirit who lives in me.  I belong to You, I am Yours.  I have tasted Your goodness and have drunk deep from the wells of Your mercy and kindness.  Grant me Your grace that I may praise You all the days of my life and in all the circumstances of my life.  I rejoice because You Lord are my God.  I have been grafted on to You and I am now a member of Your Body.  I can count on You to love me faithfully in time and in eternity.

Only God can give life for He is the Author and the source of all life.  Here St. Luke tells us how You raised to life the young son of the widow of Naim.  The one thing about You that we can be absolutely sure of, is that You are never indifferent to our plight.  You know how we feel and You are sympathetic.  If You were God alone You would not have been able to empathize with us.  It is because You became Man and entered into our human condition that You understand and You tenderly wipe away our tears.. 

You saw how devastated that poor widow was in losing her only son.  You knew perfectly well the terrible plight of widows at that time.  Being the God Man You understood her fears and You fathomed the depths of her sorrow and said, “Don’t cry.”  You restored her son to life and gave him back to his mother for as God, You are the Author and source of life.

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