Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ezekiel 36:23-28, Psalm 51:12-15, 18-19, Matthew 22:1-14


My Beloved, do with me all You have said.  Wash me, bathe me, cleanse me of all impurity and defilement as I stand at the foot of the Cross with mama Mary, the sinner and the beloved disciple.  I am the sinner and I am the disciple You love.  Take away my stubborn, hard heart and give me a heart like Your own.  I am Yours my Lord and I thank You for acknowledging me as Your Own.

Grant me the virtue of obedience to Your Covenant of Love and the law of Love in order that I may help others to draw closer to You.  Verse 15 Help me to speak – grant me Your anointing, touch my lips with Your all powerful Spirit and I will praise You so long as I live here on earth and eternally in heaven.

My Beloved, as long as we are alive You will invite us to enter into a deeper and more intimate relationship with You.  Most of us have turned away from You.  We are more concerned about our jobs, our health, our physical appearance, owning the most latest and expensive gadget, a large house etc.  All the baubles of the world sway us into a giddy distraction.  However when the taste of these things become bitter and leave only ashes in the mouth, then through grace, may we hear You and come to understand Your faithful love. 

Being baptized does not guarantee our salvation.  We must adorn our souls with the wedding garments of virtue and we must be imbued with grace only then can we hope to spend eternity with You and have a share in Your glory.

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