Friday, August 24, 2012

Revelations 21:9-14, Psalm 145:10-13, 17-18, John 1:45-51


My Beloved, that You would consider Your Church, made up of sinners who have been grafted on to You as Your Bride and made beautiful by You through the merits and grace You have won for her is indeed beyond my imagination.  The love of the Father conceived the plan, Your suffering beginning with Your incarnation and ending with Your ascension into heaven brought that plan into fruition and the awesome power of the Holy Spirit sustains us whom You have saved.  From age to age You gather a people to Yourself and we are bound for heaven.  Thank You for the law, the prophets and for Jesus and the Apostles.  Thank You for Your Church.

Verse 18
He is near to those who call Him with sincerity
All who have been helped by You when you answered their cry of distress will testify that You are truly a God of love.

My Beloved, Nathanael or Bartholomew had his prejudices like the rest of us but he did not cling to them once his mind was opened and he encountered the Truth.  Help me too not to hold on stubbornly to my prejudices about people or ideas but let me be open to the Holy Spirit and to the Truth no matter how difficult I may find it to let go of my pet false theories.  Thank You Lord.

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