Monday, August 6, 2012

Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14, Psalm 97:1-2, 5-6, 9, 2 Peter 1:16-19, Mark 9:2-10


"And a countless multitude stood before Him."  In heaven my Beloved, is a place for me.  It has been waiting for me from eternity.  The Father, Your Father whom You have taught me to call my Father as well, loves me with a love that I will never comprehend in this world, considering how unworthy I am.  While I will never comprehend it in this world neither will I comprehend it in the world to come either for God and His love are infinite and  I will never be able to count the infinite ways in which He has loved me and ministered to me always.
One like the Son of Man, more radiant than a thousand suns, more beautiful than beauty can be imagined by a finite mind.  He who is more powerful than any thing in nature for He commands nature.  The Son is always before the Father, it is to Him that God has given all glory, Kingship, dominion and power and His Kingdom will prevail through time and eternity - and I have a place in His Kingdom.  Alleluia!!!!!!

Heaven and earth rejoice because the Father has given the Son the authority to rule and reign in heaven on earth and in the hearts of all His creatures.  You are worthy my Beloved and You are Love.

Anyone who believes that you are a myth or that You are fabricated by the imagination of men are to be pitied.  No one could fabricate such a story and no myth or legend is as powerful as the truth of Your existence in time and in eternity.  You are, that is why You say of Yourself, "I AM."  "This is my Beloved Son, My Chosen One - Listen to Him and you will know abiding, joy and perfect peace because you will have a lasting hope based on the gift of faith that you received when you were grafted on to my Son at your baptism."

My Beloved, those whom You invite into the inner circle and who enjoy a greater intimacy with You are called to climb up the mountain with You as we journey each day from earth to heaven.  As You walk with us from moment to moment, You will permit us to have our own Tabor experiences as we see You robed in glory and majesty.  The law and the prophets find their fulfilment in the God of love.

Like Peter, who would not want to leave Your glory Lord, but while we are still alive on earth we are sinners and we are limited by the confines of the flesh.  Being weak we would soon fall asleep from sheer exhaustion, for such heights of spiritual stimulation would either kill us or weary us.  We need the daily humdrum of our existence as we live, laugh, cry, serve, pray and worship.  Such glorious moments are given to us to re-charge and re-energise us in order to enable us walk among our brothers and sisters and be alter Christus in the world in order that others may be consoled, motivated, strengthened and loved with the same love, consolation and strength that we have received from You.

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