Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jeremiah 7:1-11, Psalm 84:2-8 & 11, Matthew 13:24-30


Verse 11 Is this house on which rests My NAME a den of thieves?

My Beloved, my heart is Your sanctuary, it is Your haven, it is Your tabernacle, it is Your home.  This most sinful, weak body enfolds and holds in the most intimate of intimacies my Lord and my God; yet, how forgetful I am of this great privilege that my God confers on me.  He in all humility stoops low to enter into my heart.  Forgive me my Lord and help me always to radiate Your divine light.  May it burn and flame from the very centre of my being.

My Beloved, the psalmist expresses so well all that my heart wishes to say.  You are my dwelling place.  I am completely Yours without reserve.  I want to hunger, thirst, pant and yearn for You every moment that I am alive.  The more I receive the greater may my longing for more be.  Never let my hunger for You be satisfied or my thirst for You  quenched but may it increase ever more with each passing day.  Only in heaven, one with You eternally, only then will I find that I have all of You as You have always had this little nothing You call Your own.  May this little nothing be taken up into Your infinity and finally be sated and satisfied. 

The good seed of Your Word was freely given to me and planted in me but I have fallen asleep so often when I should have been alert and watchful of danger.  I have allowed myself to be a victim of my own lethargy and given the enemy room to enter and sabotage the good that God has desires for me.  Thank You for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and for giving me the means to uproot the evil in order that the good may have room to flourish and grow.

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