Monday, July 30, 2012

Jeremiah 13:1-11, Deuteronomy 32:18-21, Matthew 13:31-35


My Beloved, in Baptism we are bound to God just like the white linen belt that bound Jeremiah to God.  As long as we remain grafted to You no harm can come to us.  Through sin I withdrew from You and in sin, I was lost and hidden in its filth, but You did not abandon me.  You sought me, You found me, You gave me the beautiful Sacrament of reconciliation.  I am no longer useless and good for nothing, but I am restored and I am a new creation in You.  Thank You Lord.

My God, You fathered me.  I am Your creation, fashioned by Your hand.  I am redeemed and ransomed by the most precious Life and Blood of Your Son and I am co-heir with Christ to all the riches of heaven where thieves cannot break in and steal nor rust destroy.  May I never be envious of what others have, rather, may I rejoice that I belong completely, without any reservations to You my Lord and my God.

 Matthew 13:31-35

Verse 35:  ".... I will proclaim things kept secret since the beginning of the World."

This is exactly what You have done.  The mustard seed of Your Word and the Yeast of Your Life You entrusted to the Apostles and to the Church.  For over 2000 years men and women, filled with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit have pondered it, nurtured it and carefully watched it grow until today she is a mighty tree.  She is universal because everyone can shelter in her branches and be fed by her.  Such is the Church You have established - she bears Your life and she transmits this life to her children, fathered by God Himself, through the Sacraments that You have instituted.  Thank You.

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