Saturday, July 14, 2012

Isaiah 6:1-8, Psalm 93:1-2, 5, Matthew 10:24-33


Verse 8:  Here I am,  send me!

M--- Mine I have indeed sent you to be my light among the nations.  I have empowered you with my own Holy Spirit.  Be rooted in Me M--- My own,  send your roots deep into me so that nothing will shake you.  Should the earth tremble and fall, you will remain unmoved for you are anchored to me.  Be not afraid M--- throw off the cloak of fear just as Bartimaeus threw off his tattered garment.  I have robed you in the garments of my righteousness and Truth.  Remain in My love.

Thank You Beloved for the echo of Your message to me today in these verses.  It strengthens my faith, increases my hope and confirm me in Your love.

M--- Mine, you belong to me, therefore expect to be persecuted.  I am Your master and Your Teacher, I have set the example that you are invited to imitate.  Don't let passion of any kind rule your life.  Passions of the wrong kind burn to destroy and leave only ashes and a bitter, rancid taste in the mouth. 

All that I have taught you in the time You have spent alone with me in prayer, make known to those you meet.  Carry my love as a light and shed its radiance in the dark places and by its light others will be saved from stumbling and falling.

Fear has no place in love.  Rid yourself of fear.  When you walk with me why be afraid?  Have I not taken an oath and made a covenant with you, a covenant of faithful, enduring, everlasting love?  Speak of Me all the days of your life on earth and I will speak of You to my Father when I take you home to heaven.


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