Sunday, July 15, 2012

Amos 7:12-15, Psalm 85:9-14, Ephesians 1:3-14, Mark 6:7-13


My Beloved, when you assign a task to me, please grant me the grace to step up to the plate boldly and accept whatever it is You ask of me, no matter how challenging.  May I go forth in faith, knowing that You will ask nothing of me without equipping me with all I need.  You ask me to be obedient and to do all that is required with integrity and to the best of my ability.  Help me to be open to Your call and to respond to it in the same spirit as Mama Mary.  May I say yes to all Your plans for me always.

The Father is love and faithfulness and You my Beloved are righteousness and peace.  The Father stoops over the earth, reaching down to embrace His Beloved Son whom He sent to be our righteousness and peace.  We are drawn into this divine embrace and made holy and fruitful through the Holy Spirit who binds all in perfect harmony with God.

Father, my Abba, I will not understand fully even in heaven love such as Yours for me.  That You love Jesus who is Your Beloved and mine with a love that is perfect is clear - I may not be able to grasp the measure of it because it has no measure.  But I know that You and Your Son Jesus are bound in an eternal circle of love through the Holy Spirit.  What is beyond my grasp is that You have chosen to create me in Christ Jesus before the creation of the world so that I too may be drawn into this perfect symphony of divine love.   I am most unworthy of love such as Yours for me and because I am a sinner I could not lay claim to the inheritance that You had prepared for me in eternity.  In order to restore our relationship, You sent Jesus into the world to become the means by which He would make expiation for my sins by shedding His most precious Blood for me and offering Himself as the perfect sacrifice for my salvation.  Despite the fact that I had deliberately chosen to sin and walk away from You, You wanted to bring me back to life in Your Son again.  You gave me the opportunity to start over and to ensure that I would have help always, You even sealed me in Christ with Your Holy Spirit.  Why?  Only You know dear Father, Son and Holy Spirit - to me it is a mystery that You would want to pay such a price in order to save me.

Mark 6:7-13

When I am called to serve You all I need is You Beloved nothing else.  I must throw myself with complete confidence on divine providence knowing that You will meet all my needs.  You will prepare the way for me and You will sustain me.  I need nothing when I have You.

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