Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Isaiah 10:5-7, 13b-16, Psalm 94:5-10, 14-15, Matthew 11:25-27


My Beloved how foolish we are if when we are successful we imagine that it is because of our own intelligence and ability.  When we are given power, we believe it is because we are superior to those over whom we have authority.  We become proud arrogant and boastful forgetting that all things are planned by You, guided by You and directed by You.  It is You who uses all things to bring about Your purposes in the lives of all people.  Guard us against the danger of relying on the strength of men instead of running to You to lift us up and protect us.

Forgive me for the many times I have put my trust in the power of men rather in You.  Lord, teach me Your ways and may I allow myself to be led only by You always so I will never stray.

My Beloved, Catholics are persecuted all the time and so are Christians as well.  Yet, no matter how difficult things might be let us never lose sight of the fact that if it were not necessary You would not have permitted it.  If we did not give witness under difficult and grave circumstances how could we touch hearts of stone by our steadfast faith, hope and trust in Your love?  No one can touch a hair of  our head if You did not permit it.

I believe, I hope and I trust You my Beloved grant that I may do so all the days of my life. 

My Beloved, anytime I am tempted to believe that You have chosen me over others because I am intelligent and talented and that because I am so darn special that Your favor rests on me, then I am truly more stupid than I normally give myself credit for.

It is precisely because I am nothing that You picked me.  Clearly it is always Your grace, Your strength and Your power that is at work in me.  You picked me up, You washed me and strengthened me.  You filled oil in my lamp,  You trimmed the little wick and You set it on fire with Your Holy Spirit.  I am only the little clay vessel that holds the oil.  I am the flickering wick which I pray will burn itself out in time in loving service.  I am all that You make of me through Your great mercy and love.  Thank You.

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