Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Isaiah 7:1-9, Psalm 48:2-8, Matthew 11:20-24


Sometimes my Beloved, real troubles surround us and sometimes we allow ourselves to be troubled by life's trifles.  We can make mountains out of worthless and insignificant things.  We can give these trivialities greater importance than they deserve and we can allow ourselves to become bogged down and paralyzed by fear.  We allow these things to control us and forget that it is You who are always in control.

You say to me as You said to Ahaz, "Stay calm and fear not, do not lose courage."  No earthy power is invincible before You.  No plan against those who belong to You will ever succeed.  I can trust You because I am all Your now and eternally.

You my Beloved God are great.  You dwell on Your holy mountain and all who make the ascent to You will find joy, peace and the assurance that no enemy can touch those who belong to You.  Every plan against those who dwell in You shall fail and the enemy will flee in terror.  We are Yours and we will praise You and tell of Your goodness and kindess to everyone we meet.

Matthew 11:20-24

Ingratitude and a closed heart despite knowing that all the good we   receive comes from You, our generous and beloved God, is a terrible thing.  When we recognize Your goodness to us and praise, thank and glorify You for all the graces and gifts received, both temporal and spiritual and when we respond in like manner with heartfelt praise, we are transformed.  We become humble, we become grateful, we become more open to Your life and Your work in us.  Failure to recognize and acknowledge the daily small and big miracles we experience is a sure sign that we are hard, prideful and indifferent to Your goodness and love.  Pride leads to death.

My Beloved, may my life be one of constant praise to You recognizing that it is You who sustains me from moment to moment and that I live, move and breathe only because You live, move and breathe in me.

Thank You my Lord.

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