Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jude 17:20b-25, Psalm 63:2-7, Mark 11:27-33

DAILY HOLY MASS READINGS:  Jude 17:20B-25, Psalm 63:2-7, Mark 11:27-33

Jude 17:20b-25

My Beloved, the work of God in the Trinity enables us to live a life of faith pleasing to You.  Our journey to heaven is a journey of faith in God's ability to lead us even though we are sinners and we fail Him miserably and often.  You have given us the Holy Spirit who helps us to pray.  it is He who also prays in us and helps us to remain firm in our love for God.  he reminds us that Your mercy never ends and is available to all constantly.  All the sinner needs to do is to reach out to You and You will hasten to save us.  There will be many who will touch our lives and whose lives we can touch - those who will be open to the Gospel message and who, because of us will receive the Good News of salvation.  But not all are prepared to make a radical conversion because they prefer to worship a god that they have  created, one who will not make any moral demands.  These, You advise us to avoid lest we in our own weakness may become tainted.  Beloved, keep me faithful, loving, prayerful and strong with the help that comes from the father and You through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Psalm 63:2-7

My own Beloved God, I love You, I long for You, I desire on You to dwell in me and establish Your reign over my life.  I hunger and thirst for You alone for You alone can satisfy.  Give me more of You, more of Your love, more of Your Spirit.  I know that my capacity to receive is limited because I am small, but You can increase my capacity to receive all that You desire to give me.  I live to sing Your praises for You have been exceedingly good to me.  I will praise, love, honor and glorify You all the days of my life.  Thank You for the most perfect Gift of all that I receive at each Eucharist - the Gift of Yourself.  you fill my soul with the sweetness of Your Body and Blood and my mouth will overflow with praise like Mary's as she sang the Magnificat.

Mark 11:27-33

My Beloved, often we know the right answer but like the Pharisees we pretend, we know if we confess to the truth then it would mean that we have to face the consequences of acknowledging the truth.  Guard me against such pretense Lord!  May I not only know the Truth but stand up and acknowledge it boldly.  May I allow the Truth to shape my thoughts, words and actions.  If the Truth requires me to change then grant me the grace to change what needs to be changed and correct what needs correction.  Grant that I may never hide the Truth because of the consequences.  may I live, speak and breath the Truth always.

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