Sunday, June 3, 2012

Deuteronomy 4:32-34, 39-40, Romans 8:14-17, Psalm 33:4-9, 19-20, 22, Mark 28:16-20

DAILY HOLY MASS READINGS: Deuteronomy 4:32-34, 39-40, 
                                     Romans 8:14-17, Psalm 33:4-9, 19-20, 22, Mark 28:16-20

Deuteronomy 4:32-34, 39-40

My Beloved, there are any number of religions founded before God revealed Himself to His chosen people.  In every one of them it is man on a quest for God.  It is man looking at the power of God in created things in awe and worshipping their perception of Him in His creation.  Often creatures have been given the worship that is due to God alone. Often, idols representing different aspects of God are made from gold, silver or wood and these things too are worshipped.  But it is the chosen people that God revealed Himself, He spoke and they heard His voice.  He gave them the commandments.  He led them and taught them.  He purified them choosing the line of David from whose line You, His Son would be born through the Virgin Mother Mary.  There is only one God and He is God - The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  The Creator, the Redeemer and the Sanctifier - One God in Three Divine Persons.  The Most Holy Trinity.  We belong to this God in this life and in the life to come.

Romans 8:14-17

 My Beloved, if in the Old Testament Your people understood the sheer majesty of God and His particular favor to the chosen people, the Jews, in revealing Himself to them, how much more we who are the people of the New Covenant more privileged still to have the Spirit of God dwelling in us, making our body His temple.  Who gives us a clear understanding of who we are in You and how this relationship with You gives us a family relationship with Your Father through the loving bond that unites us to Him in You.  This Spirit reveals to us that we are indeed children of the Father and we dare to call Him Abba, Dada, Dad because we call You Brother and because You are our Brother we become co-heirs with You and we inherit the Kingdom. You make us partakers of Your own divine glory.  WOW!

Psalm 33:4-9, 19-20, 22

My Love, it is not possible to grasp in this lifetime all that we are to God in You.  the Catholic Church is truly blessed for she alone has, through Your merits and the power of Your Spirit residing in her, that has enable her to remain faithful to the mission and to Your teaching.  Despite the sins committed due to the weakness of some of her members within Your Sacred Body, You have prevailed exactly as You have promised. The Father spoke only one Word, the Eternal Word and all that is came into existence and is sustained by the Holy Spirit.  We live, we hope, we love and we long for You.  One day You will come to claim us.  May we be ready to leap into Your arms and be carried home by You and there to remain with You eternally. YAY!

 "M--- Mine, trust that whatever You have asked Me for today in prayer, You have received."
"Really Beloved?  Wow - I believe You and I thank You."

Mark 28:16-20

Beloved, the eleven, Your closest friends and companions for three years will be seeing You for the last time here on earth.  You ask them to go to the mountain in Galilee and there they will meet You. 

When we ascend to You in prayer we will always find You waiting for us.  When they saw You, they bowed down in worship acknowledging You as God.  They have all seen Your resurrected Body many times since You rose from the dead.  This Body is somehow different from the Body You had before Your death.  This is a Body that is not subject to the laws of nature anymore and some of them doubt because they just cannot wrap their minds around this wonderful thing that is Your resurrection.  It will take Pentecost, and the descent of the Holy Spirit to help them understand more fully.  We now have hope that we too will receive a wonderful new body when You come again.

The mission You gave them is the same mission that each baptized person received.  Go and make disciples of all nations and claim each soul for God in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  We are called to teach all we have received and we are never alone.  You remain with us always.  What a consoling thought My Beloved.

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