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26TH MAY 2012



To the Church has been given the wisdom, the joy and the privilege to contemplate Mary  and to find in her the perfect reflection of her divine Son.  She is called the Seat of Wisdom because Divine Wisdom played on her lap and was suckled at her breasts.  No earthly creature ever was or ever will be fashioned as Mary was, for God fashioned to perfection.  She mirrored the thoughts of God.  She was conceived sinless in her mother's womb through the merits of her Son because she was chosen and called by God to collaborate with Him in providing a Body for His Son and to nourish this Body with the milk that flowed from her breasts thus giving Him His Blood.  The same flesh and blood that we eat and drink at every celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

The Holy Spirit adorned His spouse Mary with a super abundance of spiritual grace in order that she may be a fit, perfect and beautiful dwelling place for Jesus, the Son of the Father.  When Jesus looked at His Mother He saw in her a reflection of His Father's love and the pristine wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  She is truly God's masterpiece.

LUKE 1:46-55

Beloved, Your mama could have been no more than 16 years of age when her heart burst forth in this magnificent song of praise to God in the Magnificat.  She understood with divine wisdom, the wisdom that can only come from the Holy Spirit, the marvellous thing God had done in choosing her to cradle the Eternal Word in her womb for nine months.  God touched her physically and intimately.  You are flesh of her flesh, Your Blood was provided by her.  Her body nourished You.

It is the Catholic Church that has recognized the unique privilege that was hers and has therefore accorded Mary, Your Mother and ours, the dignity, honor, respect and reverence that is her due.  

This hymn of praise that spills from her lips flows from a heart that is overwhelmed with joy and gratitude at the marvellous thing that God has done in choosing her.  It gives us an insight into her character and disposition.  She is without equal in the virtues of obedience, humility and purity.  Her love for God is an all consuming fire and she submits with perfect docility to all that God desires of her.  She was His to do with exactly as He willed. She was His little handmaid and she gave God complete authority over her will and her life.

This hymn of praise helps us understand how well versed she was in Scripture.  The words were woven into the very fabric of her life and they formed her thoughts and her words, they prompted her actions.  Mary, the Mother of God whom we too are privileged to call Mother because You my Beloved, are a generous Lover who shares all that is Yours with Your own.

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