Friday, May 25, 2012


25TH MAY 2012


ROMANS 8:12-16

M--- Mine, remember the flesh is weak and is subject to corruption and death.  Do not give way to the flesh for that is the way to ruin and destruction.  indulge the flesh and you will find yourself on the straight path to hell for the flesh, if you allow it to dictate how you live, can bring with it only decay.

If you call God Dad, Abba, with the ease and confidence of a child it is because the Spirit you have received from Me makes you a daughter of God the Father, My Father.  My Spirit in you makes you one with me.  It is union with me that makes you an heir with Me to the inheritance that I have received from Him.  my Spirit in you enable you to recognize who you are in Me.  You now belong to the family of God.  You belong to the chosen race, you are a royal priesthood and you are counted among the people set apart for the glory of God.  Sin no longer has dominion over you, neither can fear rule you for you walk in the Spirit who makes you free to live in the freedom that belongs to the children of God.

JOHN 15:8-16

If I bear any fruit, it is because the Spirit dwelling in me provides the grace that enables me to be fruitful.  This fruitfulness is not a reflection of my merits rather, it is the Holy Spirit who makes so in order that the Father may be glorified.  It is the Holy Spirit that gives the gifts that enable me to be fruitful in order that these fruits may be used to glorify God in the service that I am called to render in love.

Divine revelations is this, that the Beloved loves me with the same love, in the same degree, with the same passion and intensity and with the same abandon with which He loves the Father.  He does not force His love on me neither can he keep me in His love unless I freely choose to receive His love and remain in it.  How do I know that I have chosen to remain in His love?  What is the proof that I do so?  If I strive always to keep His commandments as perfectly and as fully as He kept His Father's commandment then I will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I have chosen to belong to Him.

Happiness is momentary the joy of the Lord however is perennial.  The source of joy is the Spirit who dwells in the sanctuary of my soul and from Him I receive every good and perfect gift.  When I love, I also yield my will to the Beloved.  I am His to command.  I submit so completely to His will that I am ready to do anything He asks of me, even to laying down my life in imitation of Him.  He has shown me that there is no greater love than this - to lay down ones life for ones friend.  I am His friend and He is mine.  If He commands it is not because He considers Himself my Master, although He is, but because He calls me His friend.

Another truth that I must always keep before me is this - He chose me, I did nothing to merit His friendship - the choice is His, the mission I receive is from Him.  The fruit I am called to bear is borne only through my collaboration with His Holy Spirit.  The crowing glory of all these marvels is this, He tell me that anything I ask His Father for in His Name is mine for the Father can deny me nothing if I ask in Jesus' Name.  Amen, alleluia and Amen.

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