Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Matthew 27:27:50

Daily Meditation:  Matthew 27:27-50

Matthew 27:27-50 (THE WAY OF THE CROSS)

My Beloved, thank You for all that You suffered for me. I am a sinner and if You had not rescued me, if You had not taken my guilt, my shame and my punishment on Yourself, I would have been lost forever.

The soldiers stripped You of Your garments and with it they stripped the world of false pride.  Like Adam and Eve You stood naked before the world.  Unlike Adam and Eve You are innocence incarnate and You did not hide like they did, but You stood tall before them.  They could do nothing to cause You to feel ashamed of Your humanity which You took on for our sake and in obedience to the Father's will,  but in those moments You bore on Your shoulders the world's shame, as well as the helplessness and vulnerability of all who are victims.  You stood in solidarity with each one of them through the ages. 

Violence is committed everyday against those who cannot strike back however, we can fix our gaze on You and draw strength from Your example.  No longer are we alone in our suffering and shame.

So may prophesies in Scripture were fulfilled unwittingly by Your enemies in those hours leading up to Your death and glorious Resurrection.  So many truths were uttered by those who wished to mock and scorn You.  You are not only the King of Jews, but You are King of all creation, of heaven, the universe, things seen and unseen, above and below.  They place on Your divine head a crown of thorns before You could be crowned with the crown of glory, as our King, by Your Father and ours in heaven.  They put on You a purple robe and bowed before You mockingly, little realizing that You are the Mighty Ruler of all nations and Your commands are obeyed by all creation in heaven and on earth and under the earth.

Like Simon of Cyrene many of us share Your Cross unwillingly at first but in the end we understand that if we are to be Your true followers, we too must pick up our cross daily and follow You.

They crucified You, they divided Your clothes, they cast lots for Your robe.  Short phrases of the ignominy and horror of the crucifixion and the fulfillment once again  of the Old Testament prophecies.  You are the King of the Jews first, even though they rejected You, and through their rejection we are blessed in having received and accepted You as our King and Savior.  Satan in the form of the Chief Priests, elders, teachers of the Law, all who were Your old enemies as well as the people around the Cross tempted You as Satan did 3 short years ago in another garden, with the words, "If You are the Son of God."  Despite all the marvellous miracles they witnessed they still did not know that You were indeed the Messiah, the Son of God.  It is precisely because You did not come down from the Cross that we are saved.  The robber on the left represents the rejection of the Jews and the robber on the right represents all of us who have been saved through our acceptance of You as our Savior and our Redeemer.

You experienced abandonment Beloved as those terrible words, "My God, My God why have You abandoned Me,"  tore at the heart of Your Father who had not abandoned You at all but had encompassed You but permitted You to experience abandonment.  It was necessary so that no one else needs to feel abandoned but can identify with You and find solace and comfort in You.

With that last loud cry when You send forth Your Spirit to God You redeemed and  sanctified the world.  Thank You Beloved.


---- Mine, without Me you truly can do nothing.  You have realized how frail you are and how easily you can fall back on old and profitless ways.  This is the reason why You cannot sleep for the enemy is always awake, ferocious and cunning.  You have to be on guard always.  Recognize your enemy, know your weaknesses and face them.  Don't fool yourself, don't make light of your faults.  If you do, you will fall and getting up and starting over might prove a lot more difficult, for the further and the more frequently you fall, the greater will be the difficulty and weakness you face in getting up and starting anew.  Be alert!  Be on your guard!  Do not fall asleep!  Never underestimate the enemy!


My Beloved, everything You say is true.  I am not alone, You are with me.  Your Holy Spirit sustains me.  The Eucharist strengthens me.  Thank You for giving me all I need in order to remain faithful to You.  Even though I stumble Your right hand always holds me up.  Thank You!!!!

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