Friday, September 30, 2011

Matthew 25:34-40

Daily Meditation:  Matthew 25:34-40

Matthew 25:34-40

My Beloved, I thank You and Your Holy Spirit for leading me to this Scripture passage for my meditation today.  I am grateful to You for speaking to me through them and for the inspiration that illumines my mind and empowers me with the grace and sight that I need today. 

You are a most tender and loving God.  To those on Your right, at the last judgment, when You come again as King to pronounce eternal judgment, You have this to say to those who have labored in Your vineyard in order to establish Your Kingdom on earth, "Come home to the place My Father has prepared for you from the beginning of the world.  You saw Me in Your brothers and sisters You loved Me in them.  In feeding those hungry for My Word, in quenching their thirst from the streams of life giving water which is channeled through My Holy Spirit and flows from Me You welcome the brothers and sisters who stood outside the Church.  As a stranger, you helped Me to find my place as a member of God's family. Robed in baptismal garments I was no longer naked for you played a part in clothing Me.  I was sick and diseased through sin and in the Sacrament of Confession, for which You prepared these little ones entrusted to you, I am healed and whole again.  In these little ones locked in the prison of ignorance and alone, you had pity on Me and came to visit Me. Always remember that all who labor in My Vineyard tending my little one glorify Me for I consider it all done personally to me. 

---- Mine, you are anxious because your focus is on yourself.  You know your weakness.  Teaching my little ones is not about  you nor is about the impression you create on your peers.  It is about impressing little minds with the knowledge of the goodness, kindness, mercy, compassion and above all the all encompassing love of God.  As you help to prepare them for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Sacrament of Holy Communion, you will be feeding their hunger for Me and quenching their thirst with My love, poured out through My Holy Spirit.  You will make them feel welcome in the Kingdom as children of God and as my brothers and sisters.  You will teach them how they can get well when they sin and how they will once again be arrayed in their baptismal garments.  When they feel trapped in prison, you will visit them and instruct them with the power of My Word and they will be set free.

Truly ---- Mine, remember always that all you do for these little ones of Mine I will consider it done to Me.

O Holy One, Glorious God, how can I thank You enough for giving me exactly what I needed today.  You use this poor, shallow self absorbed, weak instrument to do Your work despite my frailties.  It is always about You never ever about me.  Thank You for reminding me so powerfully about the true nature of my mission.

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