Thursday, September 29, 2011

Luke 16:10-13

Daily Meditation: Luke 16:10-13

Luke 16:10-13

10 Whoever can be trusted in little things can also be trusted in great ones; whoever is dishonest in slight matters will also be dishonest in greater ones. 11 So if you have not been trust­worthy in handling filthy money, who could ­entrust you with true wealth? 12 And if you have not been trustworthy with things that are not really yours, who will give you the wealth which is your own?
 13 No servant can serve two masters. Either he does not like the one and is fond of the other, or he regards one highly and the other with contempt. You cannot give yourself both to God and to Money.”
14 The Pharisees, who loved money, heard all this and sneered at Jesus. 15 He said to them, “You do your best to be considered righteous by people. But God knows the heart, and what rises high among humans is loathed by God.

Beloved, these verses are packed with wisdom and You  have much to say to me through them.  I can be judged by the way I accomplish my duty in the very small tasks assigned to me.  If I am slipshod, hasty, uncaring, careless about fulfilling the little that is entrusted to me, it is a clear indication that I will fail miserably when I am entrusted with greater responsibility.

Money is the means by which every filthy and dishonest transaction is conducted in the world.  There are any number of persons who worship this idol and are prepared to go to any lengths and are willing to sacrifice every shred of decency they may have to possess it.  Nothing is considered too shameful, no perversion too great.  Good name, self respect, love of God, self and neighbor, the fear of the Lord and eventually the eternal loss of the soul are considered well lost in order to gain it.  If this is true of anyone, how can they be trusted with  the invaluable and priceless treasures of the Kingdom which are  goodness, purity, patience, kindness, humility, charity etc.  These will be trampled underfoot and they will be soiled and neglected.  How can the Holy Spirit pour His treasured gifts on one who cannot comprehend their value?

Beloved, You are very clear in Your teaching.  I have to make a choice - either for You or against You.  I cannot straddle the fence.  It is not in our nature to give ourselves fully and equally to both God and the world.  We have only to look at the world we live in today to know how absolutely impossible it is to serve both God and man.  Those who love You hate the world and those who are in love with the world wish to obliterate even the mention of Your Most Holy Name.

There are many modern day Pharisees who sneer at You because they cannot bear the truth of Your judgment which sees right through their hypocrisy and reveals their evil intent for all to see.  There are many rich, powerful men and women who are feted wherever they go despite the fact that they are given over to evil.  But verse 15 is a solemn reminder and a warning to all who would try to deceive the Almighty that God is all knowing and all seeing and He knows how to bless as well as to punish.

---- Mine, whatever task I entrust to you no matter how small, or insignificant, it must be undertaken as a labor of love.  No cutting corners.  All that is done is done for Me - keep that always in mind.  All you do must  be done because you love Me and you wish to glorify Me.  Even if no one will see or acknowledge what you do, I see and I will acknowledge.  Forget self, forget striving to pander to your ego or wanting to make a good impression on others.  All that is ephemeral and carries no true or eternal value.  Please Me.  Love Me.  Work for Me and for My glory in this alone is true and lasting happiness.  I AM YOUR TREASURE. 

Yes You are Beloved.  I want more of You in my life always.  My heart is with You, my life is Yours.  You are my reward.  Grant me Your grace to keep these truths ever before me.

Thank You.

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