Saturday, March 12, 2011

Isaiah 58:9-14, Luke 5:27-32, Psalm 86:1-6

Daily Mass Reading today:  Isaiah 58:9-14, Luke 5:27-32, Psalm 86:1-6

Luke 5:27-32

My Beloved, You do not judge as the world judges.  From wherever we may be at any given moment in our lives, grace suddenly comes alive and we hear Your call and then the invitation is so sweet and urgent that we have no desire for anything else but to follow You.  All that seemed pleasurable before loses its taste and is flat.  The only satisfying experience is knowing You and the deeper the knowledge, the greater the delight in falling more and more in love with You each day.  Your Word in Scripture becomes a lamp to the feet and a light to the heart.  There is the certainty that You are in control and all that occurs in our lives is ordained by You.  Even our wrong choices can be made right when we bring them to You in sorrow and contrition.  I acknowledge I am a sinner and I need You every moment I am alive.

Psalm 86:1-6

Beloved, I make the prayer of the Psalmist mine today.  I confess I am needy and that without You, I may as well be dead.  I want You, all of You.  Every breath I breathe clamors for You and for Your loving Presence beside me and in me.  Till I breathe my last breath Beloved stay close to me.

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