Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Esther 14:4, Genesis 1:20--2:4, Mark 7:1-13

Daily Mass Reading:   Genesis 1:20--2:4, Mark 7:1-13

Esther 14:4
My Lord, You who stand alone, come to my help, I am alone and have no help but You.

My Beloved, You know better than I how weak and frail I am and  how easily I lose heart and become dismayed.  I come to You who are the source of my strength and I ask You to please help me.  Such little things destroy my peace, what if You really tested me, I would fall to pieces.  Help me Lord!

I have consecrated my life to Your Blessed Mother and renewed my consecration time and time again dedicating my life as a servant to Your Sacred Heart through her immaculate Heart. I keep forgetting that a servant not only does what he/she is told but accepts everything that comes from the hand of the Master.

Genesis 1:20---2:4

My Beloved, You who created all things and who created me in Your image and likeness, help me to be as humble as You are  humble.  May I accept everything that happens through the day as coming from Your holy hands and do all things cheerfully.

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