Monday, February 7, 2011

1 Samuel 30:6, Genesis 1:1-19, Mark 6:53-56

DAILY MASS READINGS:   Genesis 1:1-19, Mark 6:53-56

1 Samuel 30:6
...... David found strength in Yahweh his God.

Beloved, You are my strength too.  My hope, my joy and my peace are all in You.  It is You I love, it is You I desire, thirst and long for.  I hunger for You and I want nothing in this life or the next but You alone my Lord

Genesis 1:1-19

God said, "Let there be," and everything  He created came into existence.  All it took was the Presence of the Holy Spirit and the issuing forth of the Eternal Word.  The Triune God created all in preparation for us whom He would love into being.  It was for us that God desired a happy life on earth and a blissful life in heaven.

Mark 6:53-56

You let me do more than touch You Beloved in the Eucharist - I consume You and I am consumed by You.  For a while I am part of the divine.  I am part of the eternal.  God lives in me and I am healed of every ill.

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