Friday, February 11, 2011

Deuternomy 20:3-4, Isaiah 66:10-14, John 2:1-22, Judith 13:18-19

Daily Mass Reading:  Isaiah 66:10-14, John 2:1-22, Judith 13:18-19


Deuternomy 20:3-4
"Listen Israel, (M---) today you are to enter into battle against your enemies, (the world, the flesh and the devil).  Do not let your heart be discouraged or afraid or troubled, and do not tremble before them, for Yahweh, Your God is with you, to fight in your favor."

My Beloved, what more can I add to this wonderful promise?  Nothing! Thank You.

Isaiah 66:10-14

Mama dearest, I don't think any Scripture passage describes you and the super abundance of grace that flows through you from the heart of your Divine Son more eloquently than these.  It pleases Him to let the rivers of merciful love gush forth in torrents from Him through You.  Mary, Mediatrix of all graces, pour upon the Church and the whole world, streams of living grace, in order that we may be cleansed, healed and renewed. 

John 2:1-11

Mama, you are always present in our lives and in the life of the Church just as Jesus is.  You know when we have run out of spiritual fervor, when we are spent and if we turn to you, you will come to our rescue.  You will direct our gaze to Jesus and you yourself will petition Him and HE WILL ACT because YOU asks it of Him.  We in turn have to take the empty stone jars of our life and fill them with a desire to begin anew and the Lord will bless this desire with super abundant grace that we might become flavorful to the world and to the lives around us that we touch each day.  It is the life of grace welling up in secret within us.  Often the world is unaware of the source from where our strength and grace flows.  The source of all goodness and love makes Himself present in us through the sacraments and we are always able to give the best wine.  Jesus is the New Wine and has come at the end of the age and at the beginning of a new dawn so that all who experience Him may believe that the Father sent Him.  But none of this would have been possible without your fiat Mama.  Thank you.

Judith 13:18-19

18 Uzziah said to her, “My daughter, may the Most High God bless you more than all women on earth.
And blessed be the Lord God, the Creator of heaven and earth, who has led you to behead the leader of our enemies.
19 Never will people forget the confidence you have shown; they will always remember the power of God.

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