Saturday, January 8, 2011

Isaiah 7:4, 1 John 5:14-15, John 3:27, 29, 30, Psalm 149:4, 6

Isaiah 7:4
4 Stay calm and fear not, do not lose courage.

After the storm comes the calm.  The SUN shines on me again.  The Light of God brings with it healing and peace.    I believe Your Word for Your Name is Truth.

1 John 5:14-15
14 Through him we are fully confident that whatever we ask, according to his will, he will grant us. 15 If we know that he hears us whenever we ask, we know that we already have what we asked of him.

Vs. 14 Assures me that whatever I ask, if it is according to Your will I shall receive.

John 3:27, 29, 30
27 “No one can take on anything except what has been given him from heaven.
29 Only the Bridegroom has the bride.
30 "My joy is now full.  It is necessary that He increase but that I decrease."

In the Gospel I am reminded that I have only that which You, my God have given me nothing more and nothing less.  If in my large begging bowl You decide to place only crumbs than may I be content.  May I always remember that whether I have or not I am still Your bride, I belong to You and all that is Yours is mine.  May this knowledge keep me joyful.  May I continue to be totally Yours always.

Psalm 149:4, 6
4 For the Lord delights in his people;
he crowns the lowly with victory.
6 Let the praise of God be on their lips,
and in their hands two-edged swords,

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