Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Judges 6:11-24, Psalm 85:9, 11-14, Matthew 19:23-30


Jesus Christ became poor although he was rich
so that by his poverty you might become rich. 2Cor 8:9

Judges 6:11-24, Psalm 85:9, 11-14, Matthew 19:23-30

Judges 6:11-24

Dear Love, my Soul's Beloved, 

Thank You for reminding me today that God chooses who He will to do His work, it is He who will equip and empower and He will give victory through the might of His hand. All we need to do is allow ourselves to be used by Him. God is always with us. The Angel revealed Your Name as Emmanuel, addressing Mary, Your Mother, he said, "The Lord is with you." This is the assurance we all receive as Your anointed, Your chosen people, that You are always with us. Nothing must frighten or overwhelm us for we must trust that no harm will come to those who are grafted into Your Body.

The Angel of the Lord reminded Gideon that it is God who sends us and it is God who abides in us and with us. God hears and answers all our prayers and He gives us victory.

On our part we are to give You praise, honor, thanksgiving, and worship for You are worthy and all You do is exceedingly worthy of praise. Gideon praised God because he saw the Angel of the Lord face to face, how much more must I praise You my Beloved for I see You face to face each time I visit You in the Blessed Sacrament and I feast on You in every Eucharist. Thank You for the life of grace that I receive from You always. 

Psalm 85:9, 11-14

Dear Love, my soul's Beloved,

Give me an attentive ear to Your Voice and I will always hear You speak to me; encouraging and helping me to choose wisely so I may walk in Your way all my days. 

When we look at the world it is easy to lose hope and confidence but You assure us that You have triumphed over the Enemy. You are victorious and in the end we will see that You have indeed vanquished Satan and have obtained for Yourself, all the nations of the world.  You are King and we are Your people, the sheep of Your flock. You are the God of Justice and Peace and Your rule is established forever in heaven and on earth. We are saved, redeemed, sanctified and claimed by You and for You eternally.

Matthew 19:23-30

Dear Love, my soul's Beloved,

Being rich is not evil but it is is being possessed by our riches that leads to our eternal destruction. All we have received comes from You and we are called to give with an open hand, a liberal heart, so we can have the joy of sharing magnanimously what we have received from You. 

Our possessions tend to narrow our vision, and close our hearts and ears to those who are less fortunate than we are and this is why You say that it is hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven.  You have shown us how to give - to give all, even to the laying down of one's life and in doing so You gained authority, Kingship, and power over all.

Peter raises a legitimate concern - they had given up everything family, home, friends, to follow You what would be their reward? You assured him that they would be rewarded more than they could ever imagine. Eternal life is assured to those who heed Your call and follow You wherever the Holy Spirit leads. But You always warn us that if we are not humble and generous we might find like the foolish virgins that we had missed the hour when the Son of God had visited us.

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