Friday, June 16, 2017

2 Corinthians 4:7-15, Psalm 116:10-11, 15-18, Matthew 5:27-32


Shine like lights in the world,
as you hold on to the word of life. Phil 2:15-16

2 Corinthians 4:7-15, Psalm 116:10-11, 15-18, Matthew 5:27-32

2 Corinthians 4:7-15

Dear Love,

I hold within this poor body of mine Your live, Your grace, Your Spirit and I am called to reveal that life, shine the light of Your life always. I know I fail miserably but that does not dilute my calling. In all the circumstances of my life I am called to be a faithful witness even if I may be persecuted or if my life is at risk. So many do not know You, I am called to be a living witness by my example so many may come to believe in the Truth. If I am truly my brother's keeper I too will desire that He share in the riches of the glory that are in You.

Psalm 116:10-11, 15-18

Dear Love,

Truly no man is dependable including myself, the only One we can depend on with complete and utter trust is You. Grant Beloved, that I may always praise You in all the circumstances of my life, may I keep my gaze fixed on You and know that You are good, faithful, kind, merciful, compassionate and worthy of praise. 

I am Yours and Yours alone I wish to be all the days of my life. When my foot is slipping come to my aid and help me lest I fall and falling may not be able to rise again, Keep me always under Your mighty protection.

Matthew 5:27-32

Dear Love,

Your word today is clear - You do not speak in parables that can be  open to various interpretations. What You say in the Scripture passage today means exactly what it says and we cannot try to twist its meaning to undermine the institution of matrimony. 

The law of Moses may have permitted it but from the beginning it was God's plan that a man and a woman united in the Sacrament of Matrimony were united in a sacred bond that made them not two persons but one. This is why we are asked to guard our eyes against lust which can lead to the sin of adultery. Hell is real. We can laugh it off but that does not change the fact that hell is the place where all who deliberately choose the path of disobedience to Your law of love will find themselves.

We are asked to do violence against our senses rather than lose our immortal souls to hell fire eternally. 

We live in a culture that celebrates the flesh,that celebrates the carnal - our age is as bad as the cultures in ancient times that did all things in excess. Today the whole world is being led to believe that there is no divine retribution for making a mockery of God's law and God's Word. 

Have mercy on us Lord and bring us back.

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