Friday, May 26, 2017

Acts 18:9-18, Psalm 47:2-7, John 16:20-23


"Christ had to suffer and to rise from the dead,
and so enter into his glory." Lk 24:46, 26

Acts 18:9-18, Psalm 47:2-7, John 16:20-23

Acts 18:9-18

Dear Love,

When we respond to God's call to proclaim the Good News we need not be afraid, in fact today, You say, "Do not be afraid, speak and do not be silent for I am with you. No one can harm you for there are many here who belong to Me." We are called to be faithful witnesses and we can count on Your protection. It is easy to get discouraged when we see the violence all over the world. Evil and crime seem to be rising and the members of Your Body are persecuted in every way, yet You assure us that Your mighty protection is over us and You are in control.

The enemies of the Church will continue to persecute her but they have already been vanquished. Keep me faithful dear Love, and grant me the grace to be of service to those who have dedicated and consecrated their lives to serve You. 

Psalm 47:2-7

Dear Love,

The psalmist reminds us today that You are King of Kings and Lord of Lord, You are the God Most High and You reign over the heavens and the earth. Those who are Your followers, Your disciples, members of Your Church need not worry for You bring nations and people under the authority of the Church You founded. We are the new Israel, the new Jerusalem, we are the chosen race, we are Your inheritance, we are Your people, Your flock whom You love and for whom You lay down Your life so we could have a future and a hope.

From heaven to earth, from a throne to a crib in a stable, from poverty, suffering, rejection, and death to resurrection, ascension and the throne again where You reign in triumphant victory. From there You will return again to establish forever Your Kingship,Your Lordship over all creation. We have won the victory with You and this is why the Church sings glad songs of praise and thanksgiving for all You have done for us.

John 16:20-23

Dear Love,

There is so much weeping and mourning in the world today. There is crushing grief, grinding poverty both materially and spiritually. There are among Your own those who are persecuted, locked up, and who suffer denial of basic rights because they believe that You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and they are prepared to die for their faith. Evil seems to gain momentum in every part of the globe. There is palpable evil as the world is violated by unimaginable wickedness. In time like these, Beloved, it is easy to lose heart, to feel abandoned and believe that God has forgotten His people. It is easy to feel discouraged when nations discriminate against her own people because they are Your followers and yet today You tell us that all these terrible sufferings are like the pangs of a woman in childbirth. Joy will come and when it does the suffering will no longer be remembered.

We do rejoice dear Love, for You come to us at every Eucharist, and we are intimately united in a divine union and the joy we experience no one can take from us. 

Abouna, in the sweet Name of Your beloved Son, I ask for the grace to be pleasing to Him always with the help You will grant me through a fresh outpouring of Your Holy Spirit. Thank You for answering my prayer. Amen.

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