Saturday, May 27, 2017

Acts 18:23-28, Psalm 47:2-3, 8-10, John 16;23-28


I came from the Father and have come into the world;
now I am leaving the world and going back to the Father. Jn 16;28

Acts 18:23-28, Psalm 47:2-3, 8-10, John 16;23-28

Acts 18:23-28

Dear Love,

This is evangelisation at its best, witnessing at its best, teaching and correcting at its best. We see Paul through his mission bringing strength to all the disciples. We see another new believer Apollos, granted the gift of preaching eloquently by the Holy Spirit. He is able to win the hearts and minds of those who hear him and they come to embrace the Good News of  our salvation. To have an ardent  spirit, as Apollos did, is to be excited about the faith, to be on fire with the Holy Spirit, and to be restless because there is a work to be done, there is an urgency to do it, to know that the mission field is immense and laborers, faith filled laborers are needed badly. 

We are told that Apollos was baptized with the baptism of John and that he taught boldly in the synagogue, yet Priscilla and Aquila, who came to know the faith through the teaching and preaching of Paul, heard him they took him aside later and explained the faith more accurately to him. We learn here the value of obedience and humility. To listen to the Church, to be instructed by her and to receive true understanding of the faith.

The Church welcomes and encourages all who labor in Your vineyard in sincerity and truth, just as they embraced Apollos and the Holy Spirit continued to use him for the greater glory of God.

Psalm 47:2-3, 8-10

Dear Love,

We are the people of God, Your chosen ones, and we are privileged to come into His Holy Presence and praise our God with songs of worship and thanksgiving. You are a great and glorious God. You have lifted us up and has given us a place at Your table. You rule over all the earth and everyone in it. To You alone O God is praise and worship due.

The Father has placed You as King and Ruler over the earth. He has enthroned You at His right hand and people from every age, every nation, every language, will come before You and offer You homage for You reign as the supreme head over all.

John 16;23-28

Dear Love,

Three short years You were with Your Apostles and disciples. They lived with You ate with You journeyed with You the length and breadth of the land. They witnessed Your miracles first hand. They saw Your power over everything - nature, the human body and spirit and even over evils spirits and death. They knew You in a way that it is possible to know someone only after one lives with them. 

They were aware that they were privileged to be counted as disciples. Now You tell them that all they need to do is ask the Father in Your Name for all the blessings and favors they need and He will grant it. When we receive what we ask for we will know perfect joy.

The Holy Spirit enables us to understand all that You have said. Nothing is hidden from us who are baptized into Your Body. We are children of the Father and co-heirs to the  Kingdom of God. We know the Father for You have revealed Him to us and Your Holy Spirit, who is Your Gift to us, enables us to understand they ways of God which are often mysterious, and to accept in faith that which our finite minds cannot understand.

You returned to the Father but You are also Emmanuel, God with us and so we have You in us and with us always for we remained united to You and through You to the Father in the power of Your Holy Spirit. Thank You.

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