Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sirach 35:1-12, Psalm 50:5-8, 14 & 23, Mark 10:28-31


Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth;
you have revealed to little ones the mysteries of the Kingdom. Mt. 11:25

Sirach 35:1-12, Psalm 50:5-8, 14 & 23, Mark 10:28-31

Sirach 35:1-12

My soul's beloved, here we are given a few things we ought to keep in mind as we stand on the threshold of Lent. We are reminded to be obedient to the commandments this in itself is an offering pleasing to God. We are called to give alms, do works of charity, refrain from sin, make atonement for our offences, and to strive to be holy.  We are reminded not to come before You with empty hands when we come to worship You but to bring with us our lives and unite all our sufferings with Your great Sacrifice to God the Most High - this sweet smelling fragrance is pleasing to Him and will obtain for us His great mercy. He has blessed us most generously with all we need. He has given You to us and You have sent us the Holy Spirit. Help us never to withhold all that is due to God for He has given us without measure and without counting the cost.

Psalm 50:5-8, 14 & 23

My soul's beloved, grant that during this season of Lent I man not cease to praise You for not only is this pleasing to You but You deserve all our  praise always and everywhere. Help me to be truly sorry for my sins, to make a good confession and with Your help to resolve to avoid sin.  You have made the ultimate sacrifice in order to save me help me in turn to glorify You by all I do. Keep me safe under Your mighty protection and grant me the grace to observe this beautiful season given to us by the Church to better appreciate what God has done to save us. 

Mark 10:28-31

My soul's beloved, Peter rightly said that they had literally given up everything to follow You. What have I given up? This Lent help me to examine my life honestly and see how little I have sacrificed and yet I expect so much from You who has already given me so much more than I ever expected or deserve. It is not a matter of what I will receive for You have given me a share in Your inheritance, but what am I prepared to deny myself in order to make myself more available to You, more like You. When I am persecuted, when trials come my way, when my struggles to live a life pleasing to You get intense help me to accept it all cheerfully for if I accept a share of Your glory I must also accept a share of Your Cross.

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