Saturday, November 26, 2016

Revelations 22:1-7, Psalm 95:1-7AB, Luke 21:34-36


Be vigilant at all times and pray
that you may have strength to stand before the Son of Man. Lk 21:36

Revelations 22:1-7, Psalm 95:1-7AB, Luke 21:34-36

Revelations 22:1-7

My soul's beloved, You have made a Covenant oath with us. At Baptism we are sealed with Your Blood and we are made coheirs with You to the Kingdom of God. We are given a glimpse of the glory that awaits us when You will make all things new. We will be nourished by the Tree of Life, we will drink from the Life giving water that is sweet, pure, and will quench  all the inmost longings of our soul. The fruit of the Tree of Life that is bountiful in Mercy and forgiveness will reconcile us to You and the healing remedy for sin will be found in abundance. In Your glorious Presence there will be no darkness and the Light that lights up the heavens will come from You. All who have walked on the side of Truth will be given a place with You where we will worship, praise, give thanks, and adore You will music, song, and dancing. You will give us Your Name no longer will be  forsaken, forgotten, persecuted, trampled upon, but we will share in the inheritance of the glory that You have promised us. We will have the privilege of gazing upon You whom we have loved in life and whom we have followed with Your help and grace.

We believe every one of Your promises, and we live in hope of  everlasting life as we accept our share of each day's challenges knowing with the certainty that comes from faith that You will come again and take us to the place that has been prepared for us eternally,

Psalm 95:1-7AB

My sou's beloved, our whole life is a yearning, a longing, for the fulfillment of Your promises/ We believe in Your Word. We believe in Your promises. We know that after we have passed through this vale of tears You will lead us to the place where You dwell in glory and splendour. We are not orphans but You have revealed to us that God is our Father. We are not left to struggle on our won for the meaning and purpose of our life for You came into the world and revealed the Good News of our salvation to us.  We live with a joyful longing despite whatever difficult circumstances we may face for we do not face these challenges alone. We have the Helper who lives in us sanctifying us and helping us from moment to moment with His inspirations and consolations. We walk with You up the Mountain of the Lord as often as we desire, and there we feast at the Eucharistic Banquet. You have given us all we need and You have shown us how to walk from this life to the next. We are not strangers but we are in relationship with the Father and with You through the same divine Spirit that binds You the Father and the Father to You in eternal love. Thank You that I am Your, the sheep of Your flock and thank You for shepherding me as my own Good Shepherd and Lord.

Luke 21:34-36

My soul's beloved, here is a warning to us Your disciples, Your flock, the ones who have been marked by You and for You - to us You say, be on your guard. The possibility of losing sight of You and of our goal is ever present if we lose focus of the goal and our destination. Evil lurks, temptations abound, the flesh is weak, the devil is awake and roaring seeking to plunder, destroy, and to kill. Anxiety kills the spirit and the the soul because we lack faith in Your Word which assures us time and time again not to worry but trust our heavenly Father to provide all we need in this life. We ought not to walk with our sight on the things of the world or be caught us in the distractions that it constantly puts before our eyes, but we are called to be vigilant, awake, and focused. We are called to read the signs of the times with the help of Your Holy Spirit but we are not to lose heart but pray constantly and we will be 
strong to withstand whatever we will have to face before You call us to Yourself.

You tell me to watch and pray as I wait for the time of Your visitation. Help me Lord!

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