Saturday, November 12, 2016

3 John 5-8, Psalm 112:1-6, Luke 18:1-8


God has called us through the Gospel,
to possess the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. 2 Thess 2:14

3 John 5-8, Psalm 112:1-6, Luke 18:1-8 

3 John 5-8

My soul's beloved, as members of Your Body, we are reminded to help other Christians in need because we are brothers and sisters. It is no good to say we love when we do not reach out to help, provide, serve, and give. It is by our love for one another that we give the most powerful witness to the world that we belong to the family of God. Make us sensitive to those in need and not wait to be asked to give but to offer what we can. Give us a generous heart and a loving spirit.

Psalm 112:1-6

My soul's beloved, may I never become so complacent that I take Your Love for granted. You are God, You are the Holy One, You are the Son of the Living God and to You is due all glory, adoration, worship, and thanksgiving. May I tremble in awe and fear before You and prefer death rather than to displease You by sin. Thank You for all the blessings You heap upon me and my family. Thank You for Your promises to continue to bless the generations to come. Thank You for Your assurance that You will provide for all our needs and will keep us always in Your Light. Give me a loving and generous heart, ready to gladly share what I have received. Keep me and mine ever before You my soul's beloved now and forever.

Luke 18:1-8

My soul's beloved, may I always be persistent in prayer trusting that You will provide all that I need. Let me be childlike in simplicity and humility as I come to You in expectant faith. The wicked out of sheer frustration give justice to the poor who plead with  them until they receive their rights, how much more will the God of Love answer the prayers of His children when they address Him as Abba, Dad, just as You have taught us.

May I never grow weary of coming before You with the same prayer to bless me and mine with every spiritual grace and blessing so we may life lives pleasing to You and that we may shine with Your Light in the world so others may come to know and love You too.

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