Friday, November 11, 2016

2 John 4-9, Psalm 119:1-2, 10-11, 17-19, Luke 17:26-37


Stand erect and raise your heads
because your redemption is at hand. Lk 21:28

2 John 4-9,  Psalm 119:1-2, 10-11, 17-19, Luke 17:26-37

2 John 4-9

My soul's beloved, we are called to walk in the Light of Truth revealed by You. We are called to be children of the Light and as children of the Light we are called to live according to the commandment of Love. Love must be the reason for all we do. Unless we are motivated by love for  God which is reflected in love for neighbour we cannot be pleasing to You. Love is God's nature and we are called to have this same nature, the nature of God.

You are the Way, the Truth and the Life, there is no other way to the Father and to the Kingdom of heaven but through You who are the Gate through  which we must pass to eternal life. Thank You my most beloved for laying down Your Life and giving me Your Life that I may live.

Psalm 119:1-2, 10-11, 17-19

My soul's beloved You summed up the 10 commandments into the great commandment of Love and those who follow it walk in the Light, the Light that emanates from the Son of God, the Light that illumines Heaven. You pour upon us grace unending, through the Sacraments that help us to desire You with all the fervor of our souls having experienced You unfathomable love through these awesome Sacraments through which we receive the gift of faith and through faith makes us citizens of heaven. I hunger and thirst for You my God, fill me with the Holy Spirit so that I may never stray from the path that leads to the Kingdom. Keep me close to You, hide me in Your Sacred Heart and may I never cease to give You all the praise, adoration, and love that is due to You, Savior of my soul and the Giver of every good and perfect gift. 

Luke 17:26-37

My soul's beloved, the words of the Gospel are somber, it reminds us that life is fleeting and that the day of reckoning will come to each of us. We know the Truth we are invited to live it in season and out of season. We are called to keep our gaze on heaven and to walk the narrow way which few choose because it is hard. We are to keep going forward, constantly pressing on toward the goal which is eternal life. Once we put our hand to the plow, once we have said yes to the will of God there is no looking back. If we do we become powerless, we become ineffective, to look back at what has been and wallowing in the bitter fruit of regret, we are called to press forward constantly. Led by the Spirit we are called to work untiringly to ensure the reign of the Kingdom of God within us. If we live in the flesh, we court death where carrion will feed. If we walk in the Spirit of Truth we will walk in Love. 

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