Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ezekiel 12:1-12, Psalm 78:56-59, 61-62, Matthew 18:21---19:1

Let your countenance shine upon your servant
and teach me your statutes. Ps 119:135
Ezekiel 12:1-12, Psalm 78:56-59, 61-62, Matthew 18:21---19:1
Ezekiel 12:1-12
My soul's beloved, so often these words are true of me, "They have eyes but do not see, and ears but do not hear." I have a culpable blindness and deafness because I want to wallow in sin or because I find what You ask of me too difficult. It requires me to cast aside my spiritual lethargy and take my mission seriously. The time allotted to me is fixed and I cannot add one minute to it yet I live as if there is no tomorrow and I fool myself and dull my conscience by sin. I cannot take Your patience with me for granted the day of reckoning will come at a time when I least expect it and I will be called to give a strict account of my stewardship. Much as been given to me there is no denying it but I have been a poor steward of the manifold blessings given to me.
Sweet Spirit of the Most High God, Spirit of Love, Wisdom and Truth I am unable to do it on my own I need You. Help me! Stay with me! Shed the Light of my soul's beloved on the narrow road and then place me in His arms so He can carry me. I confess that I am incapable of doing it on my own.
Psalm 78:56-59, 61-62
My soul's beloved, the psalmist reminds me not to forget all that You have done for me and continue to do for me. How You save me from myself and my sinful inclination and make grace available to me sufficient each day to choose life. You walk with me. You appoint angels to guard and protect me. You have given me the right to call Your Father my Father too. You gave me Your Mother to be my Mother at the time when You gave all and still found more to give - that most precious of gifts Your immaculate, Virgin Mother. I am an ungrateful sinner and I deserve to die and be cast away from You - yet my Lord and my God Your love for me will not permit You to abandon me for you know that I am foolish, weak, frail, I am nothing without You. Stay with me Lord until the end of my days and carry me because I am unable to have one good, holy, pure thought without Your help and I can do nothing unless You do it on my behalf. Stay with me Lord.
Matthew 18:21---19:1
My soul's beloved, I am like the servant in the parable who owed his master a debt he could not repay and who rightly ought to be thrown in prison because he is unable to make restitution. I owe You everything and yet there are times when I find it impossible despite knowing what You want of me to obey You and do as You ask. To turn away from the cravings of the desires of the flesh and give in to desires that are unworthy of one who has been redeemed, ransomed and purchased with the Life of the only Son of God. I dare, to turn a deaf ear to what wisdom clearly reveals is the way to damnation and willfully walk in it. Every time it has left the taste of ashes in my mouth and I have returned to You and You never fail to look at me with great pity and compassion and open Your arms to me and take me back. Help  me Lord always through the power of Your holy Sacraments to receive healing, strength and forgives of all my sins each time I say, "Father, in the sweet and mighty Name of Jesus the Name above all names, forgive me." Help me also to extend the mercy that is alwaysn to me to everyone I encounter each day.

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