Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jeremiah 15:10, 16-21, Psalm 59:2-4, 10-11, Matthew 13:44-46


I call you my friends, says the Lord,
for I have made known to you all that the Father has told me. John 15:15b

Jeremiah 15: 10, 16-21, Psalm 59:2-4, 10-11, 

Matthew 13:44-46

Jeremiah 15:10, 16-21

My soul's beloved, the truly good are anathema to the world for they hold up a mirror to its lies and reflects the ugliness of the values it preaches. I calls truth a lie and lies the truth. It twists and deforms all that is pure, beautiful, and noble. It blurs the lines between reason, common sense and divine revelation against the gospel of pure vile that it crams down the throats of those willing to be duped and those who reject it. 

There are the remnant, the few, who distance themselves from the hideous culture of the day and they are persecuted, scorned, reviled, and mocked yet they stay faithful and true. Nothing disturbs their peace for they are rooted in You, they cleave to You and they receive life from You. 

You offer hope and consolation to the world if they turn away from their iniquities and repent. You are a God who heals, who loves, who forgives, who makes whole again. You promise deliverance, refuge, and protection to all who come to You and make their home in You. 

Psalm 59:2-4, 10-11

My soul's beloved, it is only when we recognize how truly helpless we are without You and turn to You for protection that we discover Your greatness and Your power over those who seek to destroy us. The world has become the dwelling of the devourer who seeks to destroy, ruin and kill all those who dare to stand up to it and reveal its lies, its corruption, and its evil that brings only death. The more the world seeks to remove You from the world the more they find how impossible it is and their rage grows even stronger and deadlier. They are doomed to fail for they wage war against God  who is always victorious, who has won the battle against evil and who has destroyed sin and put an end to death. Greater are You who are in us that he that is in the world. 

Matthew 13:44-46

My soul's beloved, nothing that we give up, not even our lives, in exchange for You who are the Way, the Truth, and the Life can measure up to all that we receive. The world has nothing to offer that is lasting. No home, no treasure, no joy that the world can give can in any way compare to what You alone can offer - eternal life, an eternal home, eternal peace and joy in the company of God, the angels and the saints.

You are our Treasure, You are our Pearl of Great Price, You are Eternal Life and having found You we find  that the world is well lost and in losing the world we find perfect joy, perfect peace and perfect love.

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