Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Isaiah 10:5-7, 13b-16, Psalm 94:5-6-10, 14-15, Matthew 11:25-27

Isaiah 10:5-7, 13b-16,  Psalm 94:5-6-10, 14-15,  Matthew 11:25-27

Isaiah 10:5-7, 13b-16

My soul's beloved, it is because we are the children of God and it is because He has loved us with an everlasting love that He warns us of what will be the lot of those who deliberately choose to walk in the way of that leads to eternal death.

Too great a price was paid for us and we do God a grave injustice when we take the Sacrifice that was made for us lightly and sin with impunity. We live in an age where the world contorts itself into making lies the truth and truth lies. Our sins are not new - in every time and in every age the world has descended into darkness because they preferred it to the Light of Truth.  Grave sin has terrible consequences as we can see in the world around us. Evil and terror are gripping our world. People deny the existence of God and a moral good. Everyone wants to live according to their own immoral compass and as long as God is denied a place in human affairs the world is ready to contort itself and embrace the lies. 

But in the end we will come back to You. Love is stronger than death and good will overcome evil. You laid down Your Life that we may live and in the end wisdom will prevail. Thank You for our hope, faith and trust in the God of Love who will never give up on His children.

Psalm 94:5-6-10, 14-15
My soul's beloved, we are Your people the sheep of You flock and even though we have strayed and wandered far away from home, God will draw us back to Himself because He is our Father and we are His own.

The Blood of the Lamb has power to wash away our sins and God is not deaf to the cry of His faithful remnant. For His ear is always attuned to the sound of our cries and as a tender Father He will have compassion. Did He not send You into the world to become the only acceptable Sacrifice that could atone for our sins? Did You not willingly embrace the Cross in order to save us? Even though our sins are like scarlet You will wash us whiter than snow. Even though we have wandered into a far country and squandered our inheritance, the Good Shepherd will come looking for His sheep and having found us He will bind up our wounds, and carry us home. Thank You my soul's beloved for not giving up on us.

Matthew 11:25-27
My soul's beloved, You have revealed that Your faithful remnant will be the leaven in the world. They will continue to hold aloft the Light of Truth on Mount Zion, the place where You dwell. Those weary of sin will return to You. By the Light they shed no matter how small many will find their way back to You and to the Father. It is the little ones, the simple, the childlike who are aware that without You they are nothing, it is they who because they have decreased and You have increased will help to heal their wounds with Your everlasting Word of Life, Light and Truth. 

You gave us all. You revealed to us all the secrets of the Kingdom of God and You have shown us the Way to the Father's house. Your faithful, Your little ones will in turn shed the light of Truth so all will come to know it and be saved. It is the will of the Father that we make known His Son for only knowing You and loving You can we know and love the Father.

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