Friday, July 8, 2016

Hosea 14:2-10, Psalm 51:3-4, 8-9, 12-14, 17, Matthew 10:16-21


Hosea 14:2-10, Psalm 51:3-4, 8-9, 12-14, 17, Matthew 10:16-21

Hosea 14:2-10

My soul's beloved, although I sin and fall more times in a day than I care to count yet, when I repent, when I come to You with a contrite heart and a humble spirit You will not turn Your gaze away from me. You will always show mercy and compassion because You care for me.  You will wash me of my iniquities, You will cleanse me from all my sins. You will make me fruitful once more through the grace that You will pour into my heart. I will once again be pleasing in Your sight because You do not desire the death of the sinner but wish that all be saved. In You my soul's beloved, I am grafted. The sap of Your Holy Spirit flows through me and I blossom like the lily and I am fragrant with the fragrance of Your holiness that imbues me because I shelter in Your shade. Never permit me to separate myself from You my Lord for if I did I would wither and die.
Psalm 51:3-4, 8-9, 12-14, 17

My soul's beloved, my heart's delight, the joy of my life I thank You for having mercy on me. Even though my sins are like scarlet You have washed away my sins and You have freed me from my guilt. I praise You my Lord for not abandoning me but in Your great compassion seeking me and saving me. Thank You for pouring Your Holy Spirit on me so with the help of His grace and strength I will choose to turn away from the paths that will ensnare me and take me away from You. Grant me the grace to sing Your praises always for You have saved me and restored all that I had lost through sin. Thank You.

Matthew 10:16-21

My soul's beloved, those who belong to You, every one who is baptized, receives the mission  to go out into the world and spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Each one is provided with everything we need exactly when we need it. As ambassadors of God we have to be witnesses to the Light and Truth and the world which prefers darkness will hate us and persecute us. You assure us of this. However, You promise that we will be given the words with which to make our defense before those who accuse us.  When we have to stand up for our faith You will provide the courage we need to face evil without flinching, but calmly and without fear for the Holy Spirit will be with us and He will strengthen us. The world will hate us because the world hates You. 

You hold up the mirror of Truth by the power of Your Word and You expose to the world their hypocrisy and lies and this is the reason for their blind hatred. They will imprison us, persecute us and even kill us. The world rejected You first and we can expect no less. If we can save ourselves and flee then You recommend it but we must never cease to preach and teach the Good News wherever we go. Many will come to know and believe in You through our witness and will be saved. Keep us strong in our faith in You and keep us grafted in You until the end.

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